Review: King’s Aluminum Travel Carrier

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I bought Lola a wonderfully sturdy King’s aluminum carrier, the medium size.  Would you believe I got this for only $90?!  Such a bargain!  (I got her full-sized aluminum cage for a similarly fantastic bargain!)  It is now decked out with the stainless steel replacement bowls and a beautiful custom double-bolted perch made out of chunky, barky willow for extra tight grip by PPBN (which is unfortunately no longer in retail business). I’ve decided not to use the grate with it to keep the weight as light as possible.

Lolas shiny new carrier

And here’s Lola getting acquainted!

Lola inside her new carrier

What?! No TREATS?!

Edit: Since the original time of purchase, I have used this carrier many, many times and I am very pleased with the quality and durability.  It is also very easy to knock down, clean, and store.  I find that the medium size is perfect for Lola for longer car rides.  A longer stay, however, would require the large size.

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