Spring Fever

April 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Ever since the much-anticipted arrival of Spring, the woodchuck within Lola seems to have awakened and returned to the call of relentless wood destruction! She calmed down quite a bit this Winter, but the past few weeks she has truly been no holds barred.

half an hour’s worth of destruction!

That’s the mess she made in between the short time it took me to get ready one morning. She stripped a chunky willow bark perch nearly clean and made a lot of headway on one of those pretty Things for Wings toys! Thankfully, I had placed an order with I Got a Woody Bird Toys during their early April sale, and it arrived just in time to sate Lola, for now.

three big toys for lola

She got three big toys this time, Beadazzled, the Barrel Bead Wacky Woody, and Iris. The Wacky Woody from last time was a huge hit with her, so I figured I’d order her another, this time with her absolute favorite little barrel beads that provide such a satisfying snap. This toy certainly won’t last long under her beak, but I know she’ll relish every minute of play time with it. The Beadazzled is an awesome new offering from them that is truly packed with parts!  I can’t believe how much is squeezed into this toy from cork to beads to a chunky base.  I’m hoping this one will last a little longer with her.  Finally, we’re also trying the Iris toy for the first time, which has thin, chippable pine slats stuffed with cork, which Lola loves.

foot toys and skewer clusters

But that’s not all!  One of my favorite offerings on the IGAW website is the skewer cluster section.  They make absolutely awesome little clustered toy parts that have small loops on one end so that you can string them onto a skewer and make your own toys in seconds.  It’s perfect for those of us with busy little birds like Lola who are also a bit busy ourselves and can’t always take the time to make toys, but want a simple and safe option for skewered toys.  They are so convenient and really offer a ton of variety.  They also feature some of Lola’s favorite parts like the Hidden Treasure foot toys, lots of chunky cork bark, and embedded beads.

little toys for little sabrina

Sabrina hasn’t quite followed suit with the destruction just yet, but I’m sure she’ll start feeling the fever soon.  In anticipation, I also purchased her two adorable and tiny toys, Butt Naked and Trinity.  Packed with soft and shreddable parts, I am sure they will be a hit.

and some for karat too

Of course, I can’t leave out Karat.  Unlike my guys she absolutely loves straws, so I had to purchase the Serendipity Perch for it loaded with straws, corks, and embedded beads.  I also purchased her the Spring Fling and the Polynesian Princess, both of which are loaded with her favorite toy ingredients, cork and balsa.  I think she’ll be pleased!

Thanks to IGAW for another great order and for keeping these busy beaks quite content!


For the Hahn’s Macaw Fans

January 1, 2014 § 2 Comments

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope 2014 is off to a healthy and happy start for you.  I thought I’d kick off the new year with some cute Hahn’s Macaw paraphernalia.  The first one is actually the other half of my mom’s Christmas present.  (I posted about the first half, an adorable parrot pillow, here.)  I commissioned an awesome artist named Abril Martinez to create an image of Karat from one of my favorite photos of her, and she did an awesome job.  I then had it turned into an iPhone case!

I love it and think it came out perfectly.  More importantly my mom was totally thrilled with it.  I ordered it from CaseApp and was very happy with the quality and service.  Isn’t she cute?

When I was visiting my parents over the holidays, I also noticed that my mom had a really adorable new plate with two adorable Hahn’s Macaws on it.  The coolest part is, she painted it herself freehand and from memory.  I think it turned out great too 🙂  Unfortunately, I inherited no such artistic talent.  Might have to ask her to do one with my girls on it!

Woodies for Every Bird!

December 19, 2013 § 2 Comments

The birds got a wonderful package in the mail the other day!  Lola and Sabrina’s goodies from the I Got a Woody sale on Cyber Monday arrived, and they are going to be very, very pleased.  We even snuck in some gifts to bring to Karat, my mom’s Hahn’s, when we visit for Christmas.  I think she’ll be quite happy too… even though she hates me, hah.

sabrina’s set

Sabrina has been loving their toys so far, so I decided to try some new ones for her.  On the left is the Neverland, which combines shredders with ultra thin, 1/16″ pine wood!  I can’t believe how thin they got it– it’s whisper-thin, almost like a crispy wafer.  Normally, I steer clear of pine for Sabrina, but this might be something she can actually chip away at.  To the right of that is the Jungle, which combines balsa slats with shredders, turned cork, and natural cork bark sandwiched in between, and then some fun move-able beads.  The tower-like toy is a miniature sized Wee Willy Winky, customized with some cork.  Below that, there’s a custom version of the Lucky Star, which features all of Sabrina’s favorites: a big hunk of balsa, a chunk of natural cork bark, and some corks at the end as well.  Finally, on the right, there’s the Sprite, which has cute balsa blocks and tiny vine parts.  These should keep her busy for a good long while!

lola’s new toys

close-up of the customized woodland fairy

Lola also got some awesome toys.  On the left is a customized Woodland Fairy, with a close-up above.  This is a super cool toy that actually uses a big sheet of birch bark as its base!  Normally it comes with shredders, but since Lola’s isn’t a big fan, I asked for it to be customized with some chunky cork bark instead.  It is finished with natural wood rounds.

a BIG pine blast!

In the middle of the “group” photo is a BIG, BIG toy: a pine version of the balsa blast!  I didn’t realize how big it was going to be.  I have a feeling this base will stand for a while and I will be able to use and reuse it quite a bit.  Attached to the solid pine wood base (stuffed with corks on the ends) are lots of pine slats with cork sandwiched in between, and finished with crinkly paper.  I think this one might actually last Lola a while!

a basswood tightrope

The last of the big toys is a Tightrope, made of awesome basswood and corks, and lots of crinkle paper.  I love that this toy can be hung sideways as well as it has loops at both ends.  Finally, Lola got a bunch of her favorite foot toys– the Hidden Treasure– and Leslie and Dawn were nice enough to send two free foot toys for her as well.

gifts for karat

As for Karat, she might be getting the coolest toys of them all!  She has an awesome, custom-made half moon perch made for her with her name on it, and along the left, front, and right sides, there are two embedded hardwood beads and a little cork sticking out.  On the right is a Great Balsa Fire, which I think she will have a blast with.

We’re so happy with our latest order and can’t wait to bring our gifts to Karat for the holidays.  I am sure everything will be a big, big hit as usual.  The quality of these toys is very high and they are so nice to accommodate our many special and custom requests for natural-this or substitute-that.  Thank you to I Got a Woody! 🙂

An Adorable Parrot Pillow!

November 27, 2013 § 2 Comments

As some of you know, my mother has a Hahn’s Macaw named Karat who is her pride and joy.  She loves anything that shows off her love for Karat… so I knew I found her the perfect Christmas present when I found these amazing parrot pillows.  How incredibly clever is this reversible little egg to Hahn’s pillow?

from egg…

to hatchling…

to Hahn’s Macaw!

I purchased a mini one, but you can also get a bigger pillow as well, in all different sorts of birds (budgies, ekkies, macaws, greys, etc.). They are so cute! They are made by a wonderful woman named Nancy Richards in Canada, and she can be reached via email at narich at nbnet.nb.ca. You can also view more of her designs on Facebook. What’s more is that I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that shipping was a mere $2.99 even though I’m in the U.S.!

This is the first half of her awesome Karat Christmas presents. I’ll be sure to share the second when it comes!!

Summer Sunbathing

July 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Everybody has been having a blast getting outside so much lately.  I am a big believer in the benefits of natural sunlight.  Although I think that getting a balanced diet is crucial as is good full spectrum lighting for vision purposes, through my research, I don’t feel that either of these two can provide dependable or completely safe sources of Vitamin D3.  A good friend of mine shared something extremely fascinating to me that her avian veterinarian recently commented to her: that there is a significant difference in the bone density of parrots he sees living in northern, colder climates v. those in sunnier climates.  This reinforces two things for me: first, that we really cannot depend on pellets or full spectrum lighting as sources of Vitamin D3, and second, that natural sunlight is crucial to health (and especially bone development).  During the summer in particular, I really relish the opportunity to get them outside as much as possible– lately the goal has been everyday!

Lola enjoying the sunlight on her feathers

Lola in particular seems to really adore it.  She is a laid back sunbather and will relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun on her feathers.  When she gets warm, she’ll dunk her head in her water bowl and let me know that she’s ready to be sprayed down.  She loves having a good soaking!

Karat gleaming in the natural sunlight

Karat also loves spray showers and was such a ham.  I was rotating between Lola, Karat, and the budgies, and every time I walked away from her with the spray bottle she followed me around in her cage until I came back around to spray her.  She used to hate spray bottles all together so she’s come a long way!

Lola and Karat in their matching carriers

Aren’t they cuties? 🙂  I love getting them outside in the sun.  We’ll be taking advantage of the warm days as much as possible!

Karat the Hahn’s

July 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Here’s a rare treat: some photos and a very video of my mother’s very chatty and adorable Hahn’s Macaw, Karat!  She is our precious little demon bird.  You will see in the photos that she barbers the feathers on her tummy a bit, seasonally.  Breaks our heart.

And here she is having a conversation with my sister.  She’s quite a chatterbox!  They are speaking a mix of English, Cantonese (Chinese), and nonsense syllables.

Wood Galore from Things for Wings

June 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, we all know what a sucker I am for a sale.  And boy was this a good one at Things for Wings.  I may have gone a little overboard.  I’m okay with that.  At least I know Lola will be kept busy for a good, long while!  She absolutely loves her wood and I couldn’t pass up on such a great deal to stock up.  I also got some wonderful toys as a gift for my mother’s Hahn’s Macaw, Karat.  I think that all of my choices will be big hits.  I also have to say that I am very shocked and impressed by how quickly this package came!  Despite being located in Canada, the owner drives across the U.S.-Canada border every week just to ship her U.S. orders and keep shipping costs down for her customers.  My order was shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Friday if I am not mistaken.  Quite impressive!

Several "Slim Slab Stack" toys in various sizes and woods

First, I purchased several of the Limited Edition toys made by Pet Products By Nature.  Lola is absolutely obsessed with these beautiful, pristine, natural woods, and since they are much more difficult to come by now, I purchased quite a few.  Most of them are the “Super Slim Slab Stacks” which are much smaller in size than the others, and they are sliced very thinly, which I know Lola will love!!  I purchased a few in ocotillo, pecan, willow, and elm wood.  I also purchased two of the full-sized ones in ocotillo and they are ENORMOUS!  One of the wood slices is a foot long!  I am so excited to give these to Lola.  They are strung on veggie tanned leather, but I will probably take them apart and add in separators like wood beads for more fun, or put them on skewers or something.  I know that these will be a big hit!

Toy parts galore!

Actually only a small sample of what I actually purchased is photographed.  Basically there’s a lot more of everything above.  There are some wonderful grapevine wood chunks (Lola looooves to chew on these, plus they last longer than ten seconds, which I love!), plenty of those adorable pine “Slickety Sticks” with fun ridges and very thinly sliced, and several of the ocotillo, willow, and cottonwood toy bases.  I am going to make some amazing toys with all of these beautiful parts!  Danita was also kind enough to throw in a free toy kit as well!

Two toys for Karat

Finally, I purchased two very adorable and yucca-filled toys for Karat, the Hahn’s.  She doesn’t play with toys much at all, but makes a special exception once in a while for some yucca and occasionally some crunchy vine.  I am hoping that the snuggly fleece toy with yucca will attract her, as will the adorable “Cantaloupe” toy with yucca, bagels, seagrass, and vine!  My mother and I rearranged her cage yesterday and added in the snuggly yucca toy, so we’ll see.

I am so thrilled with all of these goodies and can’t wait to get toy making!  I still have a few other sale orders to post about in the mean time though.  More to follow!

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