Lots of Lola Lovin’

December 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’m drowning in a tidal wave of exams right now but thought I’d make a quick post to share some adorable Lola photos. She keeps me going!

get your day started right with a nice bath

really get in there…

you’re not done until you get the entire room soaked!

and throw in some extra flapping for good measure

some fresh eucalyptus is fun to chew

it’s great for both in and outside of the cage!

nap time. show’s over!


Sabrina and Her Leafy Greens

December 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

Usually Sabrina is very timid when it comes to anything that is bigger than she is, or anything new coming into her cage, or pretty much anything at all, but one thing she loves with a passion is a nice big leafy green. She won’t even run from my hands coming into the cage if she sees a fresh bunch of carrot tops in them!! Since I know I don’t do it for her, I love seeing her happy. Here are a few photos of her with some of her favorite leaves 🙂

trying some carrot tops on her big swing

and some more on her cork perch

can’t forget about the chard!

are we done here?? please exit the premises.

I also tried ordering some eucalyptus leaves for the first time from a new vendor for me, EucProducts. They were running a pretty great Cyber Monday deal, so I took the plunge. I am really quite pleased with the beautiful and fresh leaves that arrived (and quite quickly, considering that they were coming from across the country). Their smell is out of this world! I washed them very thoroughly and carefully and let them soak for a bit before offering them up. Lola seems to really enjoy stripping and tearing up the stems / branches in particular, and they release even more of a lovely scent as she does.

lovely, fragrant, and fresh eucalyptus leaves

Although I was nervous as I had read a few mixed reviews online, I was very happy with what arrived in my box. If they can maintain this type of quality I will be a frequent customer! 🙂

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