A Lola Photoshoot

October 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

Exciting news… I finally have a new camera!!  Like I said earlier, I decided against getting a fancy DSLR, although I’d done a ton of research and pestered a great many people about theirs (sorry Natacha!).  I simply don’t have the time right now to dedicate to learning about photography and actually making good use of an expensive camera.  Instead, I went with the Canon S95, and after playing with it yesterday, I’m very happy with my purchase!  For a point and shoot, I’m actually very impressed with the quality of the photos.  I know– I’m still no Natacha, and I doubt I ever will be– but this is pretty good for me.  Enough talking: you be the judge!

My beautiful Lola!

Here’s one of the very first photos I took, just using the automatic settings.  I think it’s pretty good!  Actually, it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of Lola.  I adore it.  It really captures her sweet personality.

Perhaps it’s simply my untrained eye, but I definitely think that this camera is a serious upgrade from my last one (a Sony point and shoot… or, I guess, the camera on my iPhone).  I love it!

I couldn’t hold out very long, especially with the new camera… I had to give Lola a few of her beautiful new toys!!  Here’s no surprise; she absolutely loved them.  I decided to start her out with the Jacks, Bats, and Cats toy, since it is seasonal, and the Cornucopia, since it’s really the ultimate foraging toy.  She absolutely adores both of them.

Lola checking out the Jacks, Bats, and Cats toy

Here she is not playing with but actually climbing on top of the Jacks, Bats, and Cats toy!  She is going crazy over all of the delicious pine and crunch vine parts!

Lola and her Cornucopia time

And here she is with the Cornucopia toy!  I missed the very first moments, but just as I expected, the first thing she went for was the Garfunkle curl– so much crunchy bark!  She was interested in all of it, even before I’d loaded it up with some delicious treats.  This morning, I hid a few almonds in the vine balls, and some sunflower seeds behind the wood coins in the vine tulips.  I am sure that she is having a blast foraging for all of them today!

So, what do you all think of the new camera? 🙂


Guess What?!

October 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

We’re still alive!  I’m sorry for the hiatus.  We’ve been awfully busy here– in fact, we’ve moved!!  That’s right, the birds and I have a brand new home, and it is far from set up yet.  I have to put all new holes in the ceiling which I am far less than thrilled about doing (especially after having to spackle all of the old ones… that went well) in order to hang our atoms and crawlers and oddballs, oh my.  So things are looking a bit drab here, unfortunately.  We did get a few cute new swings and things, though, so I’ll post some photos soon.

In more exciting news, Charles and Sabrina get their new home (cage) soon!!  I’m hoping it will be here the week after next.  I think it’s going to be a pretty great upgrade 🙂  It’s a pretty decent amount of space for both of them, and hopefully it can help me transition to them getting along slightly better.  If nothing else, at least it matches Lola’s cage perfectly, and the room won’t look so hodgepodge.

In other exciting news, I finally got a new camera!  I didn’t actually end up getting the fancy DSLR I was going to.  I figured that, right now, I don’t have time to learn about photography and really just want something small and lightweight that I can carry around with me everywhere and take photos on the go, so I purchased a point and shoot instead.  I chose the Canon S95, and hopefully my memory card will be here today.  I promise some new photos of the gang as soon as it arrives!

Updates, and Enough Platform Perches to Go ‘Round

July 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

Synthetic vitamin research was making my brain go a bit haywire and I needed to take a bit of a hiatus.  I’m back up and running though, and working laboriously on ZuPreem FruitBlend.  I hope to finish it in a few days if I have the time.

I also hope that in the next few weeks I will have a brand new camera!!  I think I have finally settled on the Nikon D7000.  It will be my first DSLR– up until now I have only ever used point and shoots, and most recently, cell phone cameras. 😦  I’m guessing that the Nikon will be a significant upgrade in picture quality from my cell phone!

In the mean time, the rest of my sale orders have arrived!!  Here’s my order from Oliver’s Garden.  I am so pleased with everything, as usual of course!  Susan, the owner, is a real gem and simply makes the most beautiful, unique, and well-crafted bird toys out there.

Goodies from Oliver's Garden!

I went a bit crazy with the platform perches, I think.  I loved the one Lola currently has so much that I ordered her another one– and asked for it to be a bit larger.  The new one is just HUGE!  I love it!  It’s so thick and sturdy.  She could host a party on it; it’s so big!  I also purchased two smaller and thinner ones with the beautiful beads.  I think that when the budgies get their big cage, I’ll put one of them in there.  I am thinking of giving the remaining one to my mom’s Hahn’s Macaw, Karat.  There are also two adorable little round platform perches for the budgies too.  They are too cute.

A close-up of the Chunky Monkey toy with the stainless steel base

In the top right is an amazing toy that isn’t up on the website yet.  It’s basically the Chunky Monkey toy with 1/4″ wood pieces (with great, beak-enticing ridges that drive Lola crazy!), but they are on this incredible 100% stainless steel base!  It’s not very visible what with all of the wood on it right now, but I am so excited about it.  When Lola destroys all of the wood, I’ll have an amazing and high quality stainless steel toy base with several holes that I can reuse over and over again.  It’s a double-decker one as well so it’s twice the fun!  I purchased some wood refills for this toy as well.  Lola isn’t actually a huge fan of pine wood but she does seem to make an exception for Oliver’s Garden pine with its funky cuts.

Two free gifts! A "Plain Jane" and a fantastic foot toy

As always… Susan included two fantastic gifts for Lola.  The first is an adorable “Plain Jane,” or a fragrant pine wood fish with the classic Oliver’s Garden ridges and threaded bead as an eye.  Lola is going to adore destroying this extra large fishy foot toy!  The beads really get her going.  And I know I’ve said it before, but seriously, this pine is incredibly fragrant.  I just love the smell and can’t get enough of it.  No other pine I’ve ever ordered smells quite like this; it’s wonderful!

Lola playing with her foot toy

She also included an amazing little foot toy as well that has Lola totally stumped.  It’s basically a small section of a twig or branch hollowed out so that a few plastic star beads fit extremely snugly inside.  It is driving Lola nuts!!  She has been gnawing at it all day trying to get at the beads but they are really tightly wedged inside.  I will definitely have to invest in more of these for her!

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