Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

Lola and I are wishing all of our American readers a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!  Lola has a lot to be thankful for and we are quite behind on posts.  This one will be brief since there is lots of eating to be done, but Lola would like to give a big thank you to Big Beaks Bird Toys today!  (It almost seems like their company was named for Lola, doesn’t it?)

two awesome toys from big beaks

A few months ago, we took advantage of one of their fantastic sales (definitely sign up for their newsletter).  We chose two great toys:  the Stuck on Balsa as well as the Nutrageous.  For now, the Nutrageous is just a bit too challenging for Lola– those almonds are really stuffed in there!– but I’m hoping that one day she’ll feel brave and industrious and make her way through.

lola with her stuck on balsa toy

The Stuck on Balsa toy, on the other hand, is already a big hit.  The lollipop sticks are really lodged into the balsa block, making the first one quite a challenge to extract.  But Lola was up to it!

After testing out a few different angles…

… she achieved success!  She’s since cleared all of the lollipop sticks (and ripped them to shreds) from one of the holes, and will be beginning another one promptly after our feast 🙂  Interestingly, the balsa used on this toy is the hardest balsa I’ve ever come across.  Balsa from most other stores can be extremely easily punctured– even my finger nail can leave an indent– but this one is considerably harder.  Definitely doesn’t approach the harness of pine or probably not even basswood, but at least it will take Lola more than two seconds to destroy.

Thanks again to Big Beaks from me and Lola both.  And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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