Sabrina’s New Grapevine Orb

December 24, 2013 § 3 Comments

We are so, so grateful for this beautiful orb swing that was made for little Sabrina!  We feel very blessed.  Peggy from Nature’s Bird Perch and Toys very kindly custom made this orb with Sabrina in mind and I think she is just going to love it.  It’s made from natural grapevines with the bark still on, and it is very soft, thin, and peel-able, perfect even for the tiniest of beaks.  Even though the perch diameters are small, however, this orb is HUGE!  Despite Sabrina’s relatively large cage, I am wondering how I will get it to fit.  But I’ll make it happen!  It’ll require a major overhaul of her cage setup but I think she is going to love it.

the orb and toys

it even has a ring swing in the center!

The orb is very three-dimensional and has perches going every which way.  She is going to have a blast climbing in and out and all around it.  If you’ve never checked out Peggy’s website, you absolutely have to.  She makes some of the most creative and unusual pieces for parrots that I have ever seen, from toys to tabletop stands to massive, beautiful, castle-like play gyms.  We also used to have one of her awesome little playground-style jungle gyms (complete a swing set, monkey bars, and more), but one day clumsy me stepped backwards onto it, fell over, and broke it.  😦  That’s what you get for being clumsy.  Anyway, we are totally in love with this orb and are even more pleased that Peggy very kindly used all stainless steel hardware on it for us.  When we have more space, we are going to have to purchase a parrot parrotdise of all of Peggy’s different creations and collections!

tiny toys for sabrina too

Peggy even included these adorable little toys, perfectly sized for Brina.  I have a feeling Lola is going to be jealous.  🙂


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