Woodies for Every Bird!

December 19, 2013 § 2 Comments

The birds got a wonderful package in the mail the other day!  Lola and Sabrina’s goodies from the I Got a Woody sale on Cyber Monday arrived, and they are going to be very, very pleased.  We even snuck in some gifts to bring to Karat, my mom’s Hahn’s, when we visit for Christmas.  I think she’ll be quite happy too… even though she hates me, hah.

sabrina’s set

Sabrina has been loving their toys so far, so I decided to try some new ones for her.  On the left is the Neverland, which combines shredders with ultra thin, 1/16″ pine wood!  I can’t believe how thin they got it– it’s whisper-thin, almost like a crispy wafer.  Normally, I steer clear of pine for Sabrina, but this might be something she can actually chip away at.  To the right of that is the Jungle, which combines balsa slats with shredders, turned cork, and natural cork bark sandwiched in between, and then some fun move-able beads.  The tower-like toy is a miniature sized Wee Willy Winky, customized with some cork.  Below that, there’s a custom version of the Lucky Star, which features all of Sabrina’s favorites: a big hunk of balsa, a chunk of natural cork bark, and some corks at the end as well.  Finally, on the right, there’s the Sprite, which has cute balsa blocks and tiny vine parts.  These should keep her busy for a good long while!

lola’s new toys

close-up of the customized woodland fairy

Lola also got some awesome toys.  On the left is a customized Woodland Fairy, with a close-up above.  This is a super cool toy that actually uses a big sheet of birch bark as its base!  Normally it comes with shredders, but since Lola’s isn’t a big fan, I asked for it to be customized with some chunky cork bark instead.  It is finished with natural wood rounds.

a BIG pine blast!

In the middle of the “group” photo is a BIG, BIG toy: a pine version of the balsa blast!  I didn’t realize how big it was going to be.  I have a feeling this base will stand for a while and I will be able to use and reuse it quite a bit.  Attached to the solid pine wood base (stuffed with corks on the ends) are lots of pine slats with cork sandwiched in between, and finished with crinkly paper.  I think this one might actually last Lola a while!

a basswood tightrope

The last of the big toys is a Tightrope, made of awesome basswood and corks, and lots of crinkle paper.  I love that this toy can be hung sideways as well as it has loops at both ends.  Finally, Lola got a bunch of her favorite foot toys– the Hidden Treasure– and Leslie and Dawn were nice enough to send two free foot toys for her as well.

gifts for karat

As for Karat, she might be getting the coolest toys of them all!  She has an awesome, custom-made half moon perch made for her with her name on it, and along the left, front, and right sides, there are two embedded hardwood beads and a little cork sticking out.  On the right is a Great Balsa Fire, which I think she will have a blast with.

We’re so happy with our latest order and can’t wait to bring our gifts to Karat for the holidays.  I am sure everything will be a big, big hit as usual.  The quality of these toys is very high and they are so nice to accommodate our many special and custom requests for natural-this or substitute-that.  Thank you to I Got a Woody! 🙂


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