A Colorful Batch of Fresh Veggies

November 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

My latest batch of fresh veggies looked particularly colorful and lovely.  I normally steer clear of things like beets because I personally find them vile, but they are quite healthy and they do add a rich color, so when I saw some gorgeous ones on sale at the farmer’s market, I decided to add them.  I also added another ingredient that normally I’d never buy for myself: radishes.  I think they’re gross but I do think texturally they add a nice variety to the chop.

Otherwise everything was pretty much as usual: kale, broccoli leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, acorn squash, delicata squash (my new favorite squash!), pumpkin, butternut squash, assorted colorful peppers (sweet and spicy), and pomegranates.  At least I think that’s everything looking at the photo.

And that’s the finished product.  Looks nice, doesn’t it?  I think the beets and the turnips really do add some depth, purely visually speaking.  Normally it doesn’t look quite as lovely as this!  I like to chop everything extra finely so that Lola can’t pick out the bits of things that she likes and only eat those.  My arms were aching by the end of this but I think it’s worth it.

That photo of the mix didn’t include the squash, but that’s because I’m still having trouble figuring out how to both cook it and chop it very finely without it simply turning into mush.  So as you can see I have it cubed, but it’s still pretty large.  So I guess Lola can pick those out… thwarting my best attempts.  Anyway, I mix all of this good stuff up with their fresh sprouts and some supplemental foods, and that’s their morning meal.

As some of you might know I don’t freeze any of my veggie mixes because Lola refuses to eat it and because the texture gets disgusting, but I recently read this awesome blog post by Laura Ford and it gives me hope.  I actually feed a lot of different dryer supplemental foods as is, so adding them into the mix is an interesting idea.  I might try to make a big master batch of veggies along with all of the dry stuff and see how it freezes and more importantly what the girls think about it!


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