Sabrina Loves Hemp (Rope!)

October 14, 2013 § 3 Comments

I’m trying to keep my promise on updating, so here’s one about Sabrina.  Sabrina’s all natural cage quest is going slower than imagined, but we’ll get there eventually.  I have a few things hopefully coming in the upcoming weeks that should help it along.  I’m not happy with how it looks overall right now, but I did want to share one cool swing that Sabrina just loves and loves.  I had this custom made several months ago now, but never got to posting about it in my hiatus.

Let’s start with some background.  Sabrina’s tiny little toe nails  grow on the quicker side, and nail trimming is a serious issue for us.  In order to get them down to a safer length, I have to grab her (which is in and of itself impossible and extremely stressful for both of us), and hold her while I clip.  As most of you know, she is not hand tame and this is pretty much the most traumatic experience ever for her.  She also has a beak like a razor and I come away with completely scarred hands.  I have taken her to a vet to get them done, but it’s still just as stressful for her, plus there’s the added stress of getting her in the travel cage.  Basically, either way she is very upset and it worsens our already fragile relationship.  Her nails aren’t so long that they are causing problems with gripping or health or anything like that; they are just long enough to get stuck in cotton rope .  But she absolutely loves her boings and cotton rope perches, and I didn’t want to take them all away.  However, they became supervision-only toys because she could easily get her little toes stuck in them.  I needed a safe solution for her that would be just as soft and comfortable for her, but didn’t pose the risks that the long strands of the cotton rope did.

Sabrina and her custom hemp orbit!

The lovely Michelle at Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys was kind enough to entertain an entire collection of custom requests from me.  After literally months of research into all sorts of rope alternatives and safe sources of them (that’s the hard part– finding un-oiled, safe ropes), I finally found a company that made organic, un-oiled, totally raw and chemical-free hemp rope.  I had this company send a spool over to MPBT, where they turned it into a line of amazing perches, swings, and boings for Sabrina!  They did such a fantastic job with everything, and not only does Sabrina love it all, but it’s such a great and safe material for her tiny little toes.  The hemp rope doesn’t loosen into the long solid strands that cotton rope does, so her toes don’t get caught in it.  It’s soft and comfy on her feet, but at the same time is durable and I can feel safe leaving it in her cage unsupervised.  Sabrina is pictured on her custom orbit (it’s their small orbit swing, but with an extra ring to make it more like an atom), but she’s also enjoying a beautiful boing and several rope perches with and without stainless steel wire.

It’s only off in the corner of the photo, but in the top left you can also see Sabrina’s favorite new toy.  It’s a miniature-sized, all natural version of the Candy Stack Corky Toy from Things for Wings, and she is just obsessed!  It usually takes her a while to warm up to new things, but this one was an instant hit.

Now this part has nothing to do with Sabrina, but i just thought I’d share these funny photos of Lola stealing my apple.  I went apple picking this weekend and got some beautiful (and pesticide-free!) apples, and she can’t get enough!  🙂


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§ 3 Responses to Sabrina Loves Hemp (Rope!)

  • Anneka says:

    Lola’s bright top of head looks amazingly pretty. A very colorful pic of her and the apple.
    My suggestion for trimming Sabrina’s nails: Buy thin cotton gloves (they are white) in a drug store. They fit snuggly on a hand, are thin enough but not enough for a budgie to get to your skin.
    It does not take a long to trim budgie’s nails, and IMO less stressful than taking her to a vet.
    Good luck and thanks for the update.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Thank you for your kind words and advice 🙂 I like the glove idea, but my concern is not so much her biting me– it’s more how stressful and traumatic it is for her when I have to grab her. (It is also incredibly difficult to catch her; she’s a little speed demon!) I’m going to keep working on it, but I’m just afraid of deteriorating our fragile relationship. Thanks again for the advice!!

  • stace says:

    Something else to try is catching her when it’s dark. You can then put the lights on to trim her claws. Just be very conservative about how much you trim. Better too little than too much.

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