An Old Favorite

October 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hi everybody!  A big thanks to all of the people who have sent kind comments and messages about the blog.  I do read and appreciate them all, and miss having more time to update.  I’m in year two of my program now, and it’s going exceedingly well, so I know this sacrifice is not for naught!  I am going to try to make a little more time, however, to update at least intermittently, so here’s my first in a long while.

I have been extremely lazy on the toy making front these days, but luckily our favorite vendors have kept Lola and Sabrina well-stocked.  This week, Lola was very happy to receive some toys she hadn’t seen in a long while!  This box was from an old favorite of Lola’s, Parrot’s Treasure.  She really adores their line of foraging toys.  I purchased two of her favorite, the Elephant foraging toy, along with their delectable Fun Pop foot toys and some Star Rattles.  What’s more, Parrot’s Treasure was kind enough to send along some free samples of their Yum Yum foot toys as well!

natural foraging toys from Parrot’s Treasure

What I love about these toys is that they are simple and all natural– the toys that I picked are only made up of three parts: pine, hardwood, and leather– but they provide a lot of fun and enrichment for the birds.  The prices actually include each crevice and hole being packed with a delicious pine nut.  Even after the pine nuts are gone, I like to pack them with sunflower seeds for Lola because those are big motivators for her, but that’s the beauty of these toys– you can load them with whatever you want, and the heavy duty ones, like the Elephant, can be used and re-used over and over again.  When I load up one of these toys before I leave for work, I know it keeps Lola busy and entertained throughout the day.

Lola with her scrumptious Fun Pop

She goes absolutely nuts when she sees a Fun Pop, which for her is the perfect foot toy!  Plus, she loves the satisfaction of snapping the hardwood, or sinking her beak into all of that all natural pine.  The pine nuts are actually really tightly squeezed into these toys, so they’re not an instant reward.  She has to work at it.  I highly recommend them!

People have been really pressing me for some some more updates.  I promise they’re coming.  Next up I will write about a brand new store that’s on my girls’ favorites lists, and also how my quest for an all natural cage for Sabrina is going… coming soon!


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