In Gratitude and In Loving Memory

August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I always knew that I am blessed with such kind and generous friends, but this week I was truly taken aback by the extent of their thoughtfulness.  Two friends of mine were so sweet that they, despite only knowing of Charles via this blog or other internet forums, sent me incredibly beautiful keepsakes to commemorate his life.  I am so moved and so touched, not only by these precious gifts but also by their love for Charles, and for their true understanding of how wonderful a little soul he was.  I am most happy knowing that Charles was loved and appreciated not just by me but also by his few “fans” around the country (and the world!), and that during his short lifetime, I was able to share with you all how precious he was to me.  He really was an amazing bird.  So a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for these lovely gifts.

The first gift is a really beautiful glass and crystal pendant made by Mango Gyrl Designs.  It’s a really adorable photo of Charles looking particularly regal in one of his many swings… it makes me smile every time I see it.  Thus, I think that the inscription “Joy” is so very appropriate for this photo.  Aside from how nice the pendant itself it, I couldn’t believe the level of care and detail that went into the packaging.  The pendant was in a blue satchel which was protected with cotton and decorated with a ribbon, also reading “Joy,” then placed in a box with the photo of Charles on it as well.  The presentation was so lovely and as soon as I began unwrapping it and saw the box, I was so, so surprised and overjoyed (it was, obviously, a completely unexpected package).  Thank you so much to both Mango Gyrl Designs and the gifter!  I absolutely love it.

The second gift is an absolutely beautiful painting of Charles, recreated from perhaps my favorite photo of him alone (the ones of him and Theodore might not be a fair comparison since they have double the cuteness).  But the background was turned into a rainbow, signifying his passing… which I thought such a lovely way to commemorate him.  This painting, to me, really captures his true spirit.  Even in passing over the “Rainbow Bridge,” his expression is brave, docile, and steadfast.  Charles approached everything with maturity and equanimity no matter the task, be it nail clippings or vet visits or new, somewhat hyperactive cohabitants.  And, he looks as spiffy as ever, with his polka dotted collar perfectly in place.  I absolutely love this painting so very much– thank you!

Both of these gifts are so perfect and so thoughtful.  Thank you to my dear, dear friends.  My grief over Charles’s passing is lessened by my happiness that you two were able to “feel the love” as well.


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