The Operation Begins…

August 17, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve been a little slow to get started with this since I had to figure out what exactly to put in her cage and then where to get all of it, but one of the first things I did was to call up my good friend Donna at Exotic Wood Dreams and ask her for her expertise.  (You can go to her website for product information and photos, but you must call to place an order.  You cannot email or use the form on the site.)  Donna has created some really beautiful grapevine creations for us in the past, and I knew that she would be able to whip up something for Sabrina’s new natural environment.  As usual, she didn’t disappoint.  She crafted an absolutely beautiful swing (not quite a flyer; it was made for in cage use obviously) out of grapevine and sisal, completely with a coconut foraging cup.

Unfortunately, photos really don’t flatter how well positioned the branches are, but it really is a beauty.  It has an amazing spread of branches that really give her a lot of useful perching areas and space to roam.  It also has a really cool, knotted sisal rope connected at various areas for her to climb.

I’m not sure if the second angle helps at all, but Donna did an amazing job of making sure that there is a lot of usable space and that no branches are going to get totally soiled while she hangs out above them.  When I get it hanging in the cage, I’ll take better photos, and ones with Sabrina on them too, but naturally she’s terrified of the thing right now.  I’m slowly acclimated her to the idea of it invading her personal space.

Donna also thought that Sabrina might love a little tunnel in which to hide.  She has these fabulous grapevine wood tunnel pieces and made a side-mounted one for little Sabrina.  It’s too cute:

She was so thoughtful about it: she added these wooden spacers to the side to make sure that Sabrina couldn’t get stuck when it was mounted to the side of the cage.  There’s even a soft leather “roof” and a removable leather “rug” for her, along with lots of baubles of leather and wood toys to play with.  What’s even cuter, however, is the other end of the tunnel, which has little toys that come down the sides like the tasseled entrance to a fancy club house!

It’s so cute, tiny, and delicate in person, and I know Sabrina is absolutely going to love it.  The grapevine wood tunnel was her favorite part of the table top stand, so she’s definitely going to spend a lot of time playing in and around it.  I am aware that it can possibly cause nesting issues and will definitely work to prevent those, but I think that she will love this nonetheless.  It’s really well made (by request, Donna uses only stainless steel hardware) and has so many fun, different types of wood as well.

But she didn’t stop there!  Donna even included a whole bunch of different natural toys for Sabrina using all different types of textures included sisal, cotton, yucca, grapevine wood, cholla, leather, sandblasted manzanita, pine, and more.  The photograph only includes some of the wonderful toys she sent along.  In the center are a bunch of teeny tiny wood pieces as well, which will go into her foraging cup for her to play with as she enjoys.

Didn’t she do a great job?  I absolutely love this beautiful, new swing, the tunnel, and the toys, and I know Sabrina will too (eventually, when she’s feeling brave).  I’ll post photos of her with her goodies as soon as I can!


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