An Antipodean Parcel

February 28, 2012 § 3 Comments

We received a wonderful parcel all the way from our friends in Australia this week!!  We were so pleased and grateful for the lovely surprise.  The box contained two gorgeous, all natural toys from a fantastic Australian bird toy company called GePaSo.  I’ve seen their products before and had always been extremely intrigued: not only do they focus on beautiful, un-dyed toys made with barky, native woods and other natural products, but they actually make a commitment to using 100% stainless steel metals on all of their toys! It’s so rare that a company will do this and it always immediately gains my respect and attention.  Being in Australia, however, I had never ordered from them because of the high shipping fees and the time it would take to receive an order.  Thus, this parcel was most appreciated, and I’m sure that Lola will agree.

lovely toys from Australia

the Sputnik toy

The first toy, called the Sputnik toy, is such a cool and beak-tempting design.  On a vertical wood toy base are four “arms,” at the ends of which are two very chunky and barky wood rounds with smaller wooden beads snugly fit inside.  I just know that Lola is going to go crazy trying to extract these little beads from within.

the Bead, Biscuit, and Bell toy

The second toy is an adorable design that also combines wonderful, barky wood chews that will keep Lola’s big beak busy with smaller wooden beads.  At the bottom is a stainless steel bell for some noisy fun as well.

We are so grateful for this wonderful surprise and I know Lola will have a splendid time destroying them promptly!  These toys are excellent quality.  I strongly recommend my Australian friends look into this company as I would definitely be a regular customer of theirs if I were in the country.  They use a number of native plants and woods and have some of the coolest looking natural toys I’ve seen on the market.  For anybody elsewhere in the world, they do ship internationally for those willing to cover the cost of shipping as well.


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