Spoiling the Littles

February 19, 2012 § 7 Comments

As per usual, Danita from Things for Wings has done it again!  Sabrina has been gradually plowing through all of the little bird toys we have here, so I’m replenishing this month.  But buying quality toys for little birds isn’t actually that easy.  For one, my two can be very fearful, so size is a top concern: anything bigger than they are is generally a no.  Other concerns are materials: I use strictly stainless steel metals and I avoid balsa wood, two restrictions that rule out the vast majority of small bird toys on the market.  Thus, purchasing custom toys is always a very appealing option, and nobody does custom better than Danita.  I simply tell her a few “ingredients” and overall dimensions, and she whips up the most beautiful concoctions.


toys for the littles

Here’s the entire collection of the little bird toys.  I’ll go through them in groups…

preening toys

Here are the preening toys, or any toys with lots of fluffy supreme cotton rope.  I just love them!!  Two of them are on animal-shaped leather bases, a bear and a horse, and they have lovely little beads and baubles on top.  On the top right is based on little vine balls with lots of beads and plastic chain to beak.  So cute!

a close-up of one of the preening toys

My absolute favorite of the preening toys, however, is this little gem.  Based on two lovely pine wood slickety sticks, it is loaded with pacifiers of all colors and some soft cotton rope as well.  I’m going to have a very hard time choosing who gets this one!

toys with mixed textures and colors

The next group of toys have a lovely mixture of natural bases and materials with colorful, beak-able beads.  The one on top is actually the custom toy I purchased for Charles a few months ago, but it turned out so cute that it became a regular!  Charles’s version is blue, so I purchased a purple one for Sabrina.  On the left is an adorable toy that combines willow wood, a rolled up shreddable paper … thing?, seagrass, and a few beads.  It’s actually a foot toy that I’ll be giving to the budgies.  On the right is another custom toy based on a small round of willow wood with lots of cute beads and heavy hemp rope.

two hanging basket toys

Next up are two adorable little hanging baskets, one for each!!  The seagrass one has purple accents for Sabrina and the coconut one has blue and green for Charles.

two natural toys

Finally, there are two natural toys.  Both are based on beautiful and fragrant eucalyptus wood, whichI’d read budgies like in particular, so I asked Danita to use little eucalyptus wood trunks as the bases.  They combine the wood with loofah, seagrass, shredders, and vine stars to make these enriching combinations of textures.

I’m so happy with this bounty of toys!  Danita’s creativity and imagination just astound me.  She always comes up with the most adorable and innovative designs; they never look tired or boring.  I’m glad to know that the budgies have a lot of extra toys waiting for them.  I brought a lot of toys over to my parents’ house for their spare cages and I keep forgetting that we have less toys here than I thought.

Lola's special toys and treats

Of course, I couldn’t leave Lola out of the fun either.  She also received three lovely custom toys and a few shreddable foraging boxes to add to her skewers.  The first toy in the bottom left is a very cool horizontal toy that I’m going to put in her travel cage.  I like horizontal toys for the travel cage because they can be attached at both ends, and therefore don’t pose any risk because they don’t swing and can’t accidentally knock her off a perch or something on a bumpy ride.  This toy combines some great woods like apple, alder, dogwood, and possibly others, along with hard wood, vine balls, and pod cups.  The smaller toy in the upper middle of the photograph is an all-leather toy on a ocotillo base.  Lola is obsessed with chewing and snapping leather cords right now, so I think this toy will satisfy her quite a bit!

close-up of the coconut toy

Finally, there’s one more very cool toy on a coconut base strung on seagrass.  It combines different types of natural woods along with hardwood, coconut husk, and these neat pod things that Lola has never tried before.

Yay!!  Toy reserves have been replenished and I’m sure the budgies and Lola will be quite pleased to know it.  The budgies are extra lucky this month though and have a few other very exciting and big treasure troves of new toys coming their way as well.  Can’t wait for those to arrive soon!


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§ 7 Responses to Spoiling the Littles

  • Iskra says:

    All of the toys are super cute 🙂 May I ask why don’t you like balsa wood?

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Sure 🙂 A while back I did a lot of research into it (and other naturals) and because it’s an imported natural product, it needs to be fumigated before entering the country. I did some research into the fumigation process and I didn’t like the gases and chemicals used in its fumigation. I also know somebody very sensitive to chemicals who cannot touch balsa wood. Since there are so many great alternatives, I avoid it.

      • Iskra says:

        That sounds reasonable 🙂 I get my balsa from a local modeling store, they go to Hungary to get their blasa, cut it and pack it themselves. We don’t have a law that says imported items must be fumigated, so I never worried, nor did I think I should when I buy balsa toys in the USA. This was a great information! Thank you

      • Coco's Flock says:

        You’re welcome. 🙂 Some countries like the USA and Australia fumigate almost all organic or natural product (non-native woods, plants, etc.) coming into the country. Many people are aware of this and choose to offer balsa anyway with no ill effects. I’m just a nervous nelly!

      • Iskra says:

        Thank you so much for this information. This type of things or traps to be precise is the reason I have SO much difficulties ordering from overseas. Our laws and regulations are so different, it’s sometimes hard for me to asses what is safe and what isn’t. I

  • I LOVE that one with the slickety sticks! So cute.

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