New Budgie Setups!

February 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

We’re still alive!  No reason for the hiatus really, just taking a break I guess.  Anyway, I recently gave the budgies’ home a makeover (I try to every few weeks or maybe two months at the most).  A lot of the beautiful perches I’ve been collecting have been put to good use.  I’m pretty happy with these setups and the budgies seem to be enjoying them as well.  I like the variety and they’ve actually both been using all levels of the cage too, which is always nice.  The photos actually show the setup before I made the final tweaks, so it looks slightly different from the earliest ones, but I took a few to show the changes I made below.  Here are the earlier ones.

the entire cage

There’s the entire view, which I think looks pretty good!  They both have a lot of different types of perches, swings, toys, and surfaces on their respective sides.  We’ll take a closer look now, starting with Sabrina’s side.

Sabrina's side

the top level of Sabrina's side

Here it is, except the bamboo safety pedicure perch right in front on the door is no longer there; I removed it and replaced it with a manu mineral perch.  (Photos of that are below).  On the top you see that there is her tire-style sleepy swing, of course, a boing, and a single ring swing, all from Grey Feather Toys.  Since they are most likely to roost at the top parts of the cage, I like to make sure that these perches are extra comfy.  She also has one of those great foraging toys and a nice noisy bell toy as well that she loves to ring while playing and swinging on her boing.

the middle level of Sabrina's side

Below the upper level, she has a pine wood platform perch, a cajeput perch, and a beautiful, curvy grapevine wood perch from Exotic Wood Dreams.  There’s a stainless steel water bowl and a food bowl that isn’t visible, along with toys made of shreddables, beads, fleece, and more.

the lower level of Sabrina's side

Down below, Sabrina has a purple safety pedicure perch, two beautiful sandblasted manzanita wood perches from Things for Wings, and another curvy grapevine wood perch as well that is in the door so it’s not visible in this view.  She has one more food or water bowl, and some great toys as well, including soft preening cotton, noisy toys, and beakable beads.

Charles's side

the top level of Charles's side

Here’s Charles’s side!  Up top he has his matching tire-style sleepy swing and boing, and then a supreme cotton rope fluffy swing that he can preen from Big Beaks Bird Toys.  He has some adorable toys too, including a fleece puff, a leather horse, a bunny with seagrass and beads, and a foraging block too.  Just below there you can see the multi-branch dragonwood perch from the Birdsafe Store, which Charles is just obsessed with.

the middle level and part of the front section of Charles's side

Here you can sort of see an absolutely gorgeous grapevine wood perch with a very neat configuration, a manu mineral perch, and a corner dragonwood perch as well.  Up top you’ll also see a pine wood platform perch that is on the “upper level.”  Three food bowls in total on his side as well, along with some great stainless steel toys and a beautiful shredder toy too.

the lower level of Charles's side

This photo actually shows a somewhat better view of the beautiful grapevine wood perch, but it doesn’t quite capture its beauty and its very unique design.  It’s really something.  Down below, there’s a sandblasted manzanita perch and a cajeput perch as well, along with a side-mounted MegaFone from Grey Feather Toys and a lovely shredder toy as well.

changes made to the cage setup

Finally, here are the changes made to the setup: they all happened to be in the front of the cage, on the door.  In this view, you can’t see where the divider falls, but basically right in the middle: so the small ribbonwood perch and the soapbox perch fall on Charles’s side, and the larger flat cajeput platform perch along with the manu mineral perch for Sabrina.  They both like to stand on these respective levels and make longing eyes at each other from across the acrylic divider, silly birds.  (Of course, when I let them play together, it’s instant chaos and aggression.)

the beautiful cage covers

Finally, I absolutely can’t get any flattering photos, unfortunately, but here are the beautiful cage covers!  These photos do not do them any justice at all whatsoever.  They are absolutely gorgeous and made from very heavy, high quality fabric, and are completely lined with a heavy sateen that keeps all the light out.  The seams are hidden and the workmanship is just incredible.  I love that the two fabrics are complementary but they aren’t match-y.  I am so pleased with them!  If you are interested in these beautiful covers please let me know and I will give you the email of the wonderful woman who makes them.  She does not have a site or anything; she is actually a custom curtain and window treatment maker, so she really does quite an excellent job with these.


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