Curves, Nooks, and Crannies

January 27, 2012 § 7 Comments

We all know it: I have a weird obsession with perches.  My excuse is that they are, of course, vital to the health of our parrots’ feet, and variation in size and texture is so important.  I like to keep an overabundance of perches, so that not only is there variation in the cage, but also so that there is variation when I change the cage around.  What I mean by this is that I like for there to be, say, five different types of perches in the cage at any given time.  But I also like to be able to switch these perches out completely when I rearrange the cages so that way my birds experience different types of perches, not the same ones with a different placement.  Hence, whenever I see a beautiful perch, I don’t feel guilty about purchasing it.

I do keep an inventory, however, of the perches I have, and lately I’ve been disappointed by how many boring, straight perches there are.  Thus, I’ve always been obsessed with perches, but my latest obsession is non-straight perches.  And it’s always surprising to me how uncommon they are.  Of course, my stainless steel hardware-only rule does already rule out the vast majority of perch suppliers out there, but my curvy-perch-only rule now narrows it down to only a small handful of vendors.  But I have enough straight perches and don’t think I’ll need more for a good, long time.  Curvy it is!

beautiful, curvy perches!

I have managed to pick up a few beautiful perches here and there, but it’s usually one special one at a time.  I really wanted a nice big stockpile of beautiful, varied perches, so I called up the very wonderful Donna from Exotic Wood Dreams.  Donna and her husband make the absolute most beautiful tree stands and hanging gyms I’ve ever seen, and with access to so much lovely wood for all of their gyms, they also make some gorgeous perches.  (Definitely check out their website for some ideas of the kinds of beauties they create, but note that they take phone orders only.  You must call to place an order.)

Although usually I’m the kind of person that wants to see my perches before I buy them, Donna really knows what she’s doing and picks them well.  She asks all the right questions: size, diameter, shape, number of branches, type of bird or birds, and she knows exactly what you have in mind once she’s done.  This time around, however, I actually gave her pretty free reign: I said I wanted a box of ten grapevine wood perches and I gave her a range of sizes, because she already knows my birds.  And when I opened up my box, I couldn’t have been more pleased!

smaller perches for the budgies

There are six beautiful perches of all different sizes for the little ones.  There is a range of single and multi-branched perches with different size spreads, but they are all beautiful.  I absolutely love grapevine wood, and it’s one of my absolute favorite woods for my smaller birds especially.  I love that with grapevine wood, you can have variation all in one perch.  There are so many curves, nooks, and crannies in this wood that the diameter and shape can range so much in a single branch.  Charles and Sabrina love it, too, because they find great little nooks to rub their heads against and break up those itchy pinnies.

larger grapevine wood perches

There were also four bigger, beautiful perches for Lola.  These four perches have nice and chunky branches for her big feet and they have such beautiful curves and variation to them.  The two on the right have thinner branches at the ends that Lola is going to absolutely love chewing up– she’s BIG on gnawing on grapevine wood, and it actually lasts slightly longer than pretty much any other wood under her beak.

I’m very very happy with these perches and I can’t wait to get them into their cages!  I just know they are all going to love them.  Yay for beautiful, varied, and curvy perches!


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