The New Foraging Blocks

January 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

No surprises here… the new foraging blocks are big hits!  Lola in particular is loving the new designs and has already gotten to work on chipping to her heart’s content.  I tried the medium-sized foraging block with her this morning and stuffed it with some fresh, organic carrot, broccolini, and sweet orange peppers.  She was so excited that it was pretty impossible to get clear photos, but I did my best!

Lola peeping out from behind her new block

fast at work, extracting a sweet pepper

She also loved the little foot toy!!  I think she might have liked it even moreso than the medium sized block.  In the larger hole I stuffed a sweet pepper, and some carrot slivers in the slats.  She kept wrestling with it, chewing on it, tossing it off her platform perch, then going back down to retrieve it.  The thinner slats are really easy for her to destroy and she had a blast chipping away at it.  I doubt it’ll still be recognizable by the end of the day.

The little ones are slightly more camera shy, but I also caught them nibbling on their veggies too.  I’ve found that Sabrina in particular likes to climb on her block and finds that all of the slats and ridges make nice places to perch.  Charles is too dignified for all that.  He wouldn’t pose for a photo with his block, but politely munched on it later.  Theirs were stuffed with some fresh carrot tops and a stalk of broccolini as well.

the new extra small foraging block

Sabrina's odd eating contortions

Another very cool aspect about these blocks is that they all come with a very heavy duty stainless steel eye screw, which you can remove from the block and save after the block is destroyed.  Kris Porter sells her blocks with or without the eye screw, so if you hold onto yours, you can save fifty cents per block on all future orders.  She even pre-drills the hole in them if you opt for no eye screw so that it is easy to add them yourself!

I absolutely love these blocks, and they are even more fun for birds with the added ridges and slivers.  Lola has already pretty much destroyed her original small one and had a great time doing it.  She’s also eaten a lot more veggies in the process!  A lot of the veggies just get destroyed, but I think she’s enjoying the fact that there is the fun of destroying the wood, and then a built in snack reward at the same time.  The presentation is so unique and I love that I can make eating healthy more fun with these.  My entire flock highly recommends them for birdies of all sizes!


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