Testing, testing!

January 12, 2012 § 6 Comments

We feel super cool and privileged today!!  As you know, we absolutely love our Fantastic Foraging Blocks by Kris Porter, and we’ve been using them daily as our new way of presenting fresh, whole vegetables.  It seems that the adorable extra small foraging blocks that were made especially for my budgies, however, has sparked quite a bit of interest.  (I sincerely thank our dear friend “Saemma” and of course, Kris Porter, for coming up with the budgie-sized blocks together!)  In an effort to make even more budgie-friendly blocks, Kris decided to to cut even more ridges and nooks into the blocks to make them easier to chew for the smallest of birds.  But she liked the idea so much that she decided to create a second line of foraging blocks all together, with extra nooks, crannies, and ridges!

the new version of the Fantastic Foraging Blocks!

In an act of great generosity, she sent us samples of every size to “test,” including an awesome foot toy-sized one that I know Lola is going to go insane for.  My flock will be more than happy to test these out!  I know that Lola in particular will love wood chipping even more with all of the added ridges, even the large sized block.  There are so many added ridges and spaces to hide treats now!  They look like really labor intensive blocks.

I’m going to switch out their current blocks with these tomorrow, and hopefully snap some shots of the flock in action.  I’m really excited to try these!  Thank you so much to Kris Porter for including us in this exciting process.  Again, we so highly recommend the original Fantastic Foraging Blocks, but I have a feeling that my birds will love these even more!


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