Truly Fantastic Foraging Blocks

January 5, 2012 § 8 Comments

We are really feeling the love here!  Another very dear friend of ours, the writer of one of our favorite blogs, Mabel Serendipity, also sent us a very thoughtful gift this week and we are so touched by her generosity.  She picked out a whole bunch of toys for the entire flock, and then some!  She must also be a mind reader, because she knew we had been eying a really wonderful new line of parrot toys called the Fantastic Foraging Blocks, created by parrot enrichment expert Kris Porter.  This brand new line of foraging toys combines the joys of wood chipping and foraging for food and treats into one!  They are really brilliant, simple, no-fuss toys that are really made for parrots’ enjoyment.  Not only are they completely un-dyed (which is a plus in our book), but they are made using only stainless steel eye screws, and they are made in a completely bird-free workshop.  We love to see toy makers who take responsible and safe measures such as these.

Lola was a bit startled at first by the new veggie tower in her cage

... but she quickly showed it who's boss!

Lola is already loving her Fantastic Foraging Block, this one in size small, although our friend was so generous that she sent both a small and a medium!  I stuffed it this morning with some fresh, organic kale, broccoli, and carrots, and it only took her a few seconds to start digging in.  She absolutely loves it!  I love that the holes on these toys are actually a bit bigger than most foraging toys you see, because I can stick whole, fresh vegetables into them rather than simply dry treats like sunflower seeds or nuts.  I think this is a really innovative and fun alternative to skewered veggies in particular and I am sure Lola will have a lot of fun with this veggie and toy tower combination.

an adorable budgie-sized foraging block too!

Not only did our friend send two wonderful foraging blocks for Lola, but she even somehow finagled Kris into making two custom extra small foragers, one each for Charles and Sabrina!  We really are so very blessed and lucky to have such thoughtful friends who truly go above and beyond.  These adorable mini foragers are shorter versions of the small size, but they are perfect for the smaller or more timid birds.  I prepared Charles and Sabrina’s foragers with some fresh, delicious carrot tops for them to devour.  I had to shave the carrots down a bit to get them to fit in the holes, so I took the extra carrot slivers and stuffed them into the ridges in the blocks for the budgies to nibble on as well.

Charles enjoying his fresh greens

Sabrina is a bit more skeptical at first

Charles can’t be stopped when it comes to fresh greens: he has no fear!  He started nibbling as soon as he saw those irresistible carrot tops.  It took Sabrina a few more minutes to muster up the courage, but she too began devouring her greens, and even actually pulled the carrot out of the hole, and all of the carrot slivers out of the notches too.  I think I have a lot of foraging potential with her!

We want to thank our friend one more time for such a wonderful, generous, and thoughtful gift!  Also not photographed is another medium Fantastic Foraging Block and several wood squares for my wood chipper, Lola.  You have truly made the birds VERY happy little foragers.  They are so enjoying their new way of eating their veggies.  To everybody else, we highly recommend these wonderful toys and I am sure I will have to purchase many, many more in the future!


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§ 8 Responses to Truly Fantastic Foraging Blocks

  • Saemmabel says:

    Wow!! Your photos look awesome and has given me some ideas as well!! Would you be able to send your blog post to Kris Porter? It will really really make her day! Glad everyone’s enjoying the gifts. Thank you Coco!

  • Doris says:

    How far into that whole carrot did Lola get?! Such great photos – I sure hope that Kris sees your Blog. I am so thrilled that Kris makes the largest ones from Douglas Fir – this presents a ‘chewing challenge’ for Coco! It’s wonderful that creative people continue to design interesting toys that actually double as feeding stations!

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Well, I don’t know if she ate much of it, but she tore it to shreds!!! I reloaded it with some more veggies this morning… have to get as much use out of it before she chips it away!!!

  • Saemmabel says:

    Thank you Oh so much Coco! I’m purchasing 5 more small ones and 2 more mediums. Emma and Sachi are actually destroying wood and loving it!!!! :)) I’m overjoyed!

  • […] feel super cool and privileged today!!  As you know, we absolutely love our Fantastic Foraging Blocks by Kris Porter, and we’ve been using them daily as our new way of presenting fresh, whole […]

  • […] The blocks are made of untreated fir and smell SO good! It was heaven when I opened the box! They are beautifully crafted with lots of grooves that the birds just love to gnaw on (and mine are both not huge wood chewers!) and little holes to hide treats in. This is a picture of what Coco did with hers from her blog. […]

  • Anneka says:

    Simply wonderful photos of those foraging blocks. I saw them a while ago but completely forgot about them. I ordered 2 xsm since my birdies are small.
    Carrot tops are my birds’ the most favorite greens.

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