An Adorable Christmas Surprise!

December 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

We love a Things for Wings package any day, but our most recent one was extra special thanks to a very dear friend!  Our wonderful box not only contained beautiful custom toys galore as well as a gorgeous grapevine wood perch, but it also held a lovely gift, all the way from Hong Kong!

a Lego model budgerigar!

I was so surprised and so tickled… how adorable is it?  It’s a little Lego budgie!  I put it together last night.  (It was actually pretty difficult because the pieces were so tiny!  Even when fully assembled, it’s no bigger than two inches in any direction.)  Our friend Carmen from Hong Kong found the kit and it reminded her of Charles, so she was nice enough to send it to us.  Thank you so much!!  What a thoughtful and adorable gift!!

Aside from our adorable new friend, we also received oodles of other wonderful gifts from Danita at Things for Wings.  Her creativity never ceases to amaze me!  I ordered three custom toys for the little ones, and I love and adore all three of them.  I love that I can just give her a list of things they like, and she turns it into something enriching yet beautiful.  They are all so fun and full of great textures.

budgie toy number one

budgie toy number two

The first one is a lovely mixture of palm, seagrass, vine, leather, and really adorable beads in blue and purple for Charles and Sabrina.  I haven’t decided who will receive this one yet, but I know that it will be a treasured one!  The second one is a horizontal style toy with palm, plastic beads, an adorable plastic mug with a face, vine, seagrass, and loofah.  This one is definitely for Sabrina.  She is going to love all of the textures and the loofah of course as well.

budgie toy number three, from the top

budgie toy number three, from below

And here’s the third one, which I have to admit is my favorite.  It is SO cute!  It’s an adorable little palm shredder cap that has three strings of fun beads inside strung on hemp and leather, and around it are three adorable loofah pods and palm shredders strung on seagrass.  It’s a shredding delight, but it also has nice beak-able beads and textures.  This one’s for Charles for sure.  He is going to love it!  I was really impressed by the creativity behind these toys, especially considering that Danita has made a million custom toys for us now.  She never runs out of new ideas!

three more of Lola's custom toys

a horizontal version of the original custom toys

Lola’s been absolutely ravenous lately, and I’ve been absolutely swamped, so I always ordered her a whole bunch of toys to hold us over until I have more time to get workin’ again.  She received three more of her beautiful custom toys from our last order: two of the Lola’s Toy and one of the Hardwood Hullaballoo.  I can’t get over how well-made and absolutely packed these toys are!  And, I will admit, they are much nicer than anything I could make.  I wanted to get her a little something special too, though, so she received one more variation on this same theme, but this time in a horizontal version.  Love it of course, as always!  This should keep us well-stocked, at least for a short while.

another beautiful grapewood perch

Finally, I couldn’t resist another beautiful perch.  These are really top notch.  They have nice, thick diameters and lots of knobs and variation, but they aren’t super heavy and they don’t sag when you attach them to the cage bars.  It’s hard to find nice varied perches for the bigger birds that actually stay up, but these are really great (and beautiful to boot!).

Thanks to Danita for another wonderful order and to Carmen for the thoughtful gift!  We are so lucky to have such great friends.


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