Christmas Foraging Toys

December 2, 2011 § 3 Comments

That’s right… toys that are not only delightfully Christmas-themed, but also promote foraging!  They are adorable, but they’re also going to work quite well as I try to keep up the foraging spirit in Lola’s cage.  She’s been doing quite well with her different foraging feeders, working for all of her food as of late.  These new toys should help her keep it up while also decorating her cage for the holidays!  They are made by Parrot’s Treasure, and I’ve really come to like their toys a lot.  The people at Parrot’s Treasure seem to really know what birds like and they design their toys with birds and safety in mind: they are simple, un-dyed, no frills type toys, but they are truly irresistible.  They have quite a range of toys as well, some that are very quickly easily destroyed, and others that are built to last.  I ordered a little bit of each.

the entire order from Parrot's Treasure

Although not Christmas-themed, the huge toy on the top left is the Whale Rattle, a very cool toy made from chunky 1-3/4″ pine wood.  This toy is thick!  It will definitely stand up to Lola’s beak, and will serve as a perfect long term foraging toy that I can load with pine nuts, sunflower seeds, and other small treats.  There are also two other hanging toys, this time both Christmas-y: a reindeer and a candy cane.  These are both adorable.  The little shapes are so festive and I love that they are sanded down so nicely and smoothly.  They were definitely made with care.

Lola and her new reindeer toy

Lola has already begun to show her reindeer some love by biting off the leather strips that hold together its heart-adorned hoofs!  (And yes– that’s her new grapevine wood perch!!  Huge hit already!!)  I haven’t even loaded the toys up with treats, but she adores them as is.  What I love about these is that they aren’t just the simple pine shapes with holes, but they are also decorated with chewy leather strips and crunchy hardwood pieces.  Lola adores every aspect of these toys.

some of the smaller Christmas toys

I also absolutely adore these tiny Christmas foot toys.  On the left is an adorable hardwood snowman with tons of different shapes to crunch and snap.  On top are two Christmas trees with leather “ornaments.”  Lola’s latest craze is chewing on and snapping leather strips, no matter how thick.  I came home one day to all of her toys strung on leather slaughtered and laying lifelessly on the floor of her cage!  I had to re-string them all with something a little bit tougher.  But I know she will love destroying the leather on these little trees.  Finally on the right is an adorable pine Christmas tree that I can stuff with treats, but it’s also decorated with a hardwood trunk and discs.

some more of Lola's favorite foot toys

Finally, I also purchased some of the foot toys that Lola was absolutely obsessed with on our last order: the Fun Pops and the Yum Yums.  I never thought that a little scrap of pine wood could entertain her so much.  She is obsessed with the curvy shapes and corners of these yum yums!!!  I don’t even have to put treats in them: she just chips away.  The Fun Pops are probably her biggest favorite though.  The combination of soft pine plus hardwood stems and move-able parts… it drives her insane.  She goes through these in seconds.  The last toy in the center is one we’re trying for the first time: a rattle!  It’s made up of all hard wood so perhaps it will entertain her for more than just a few moments… but with that big beak, you never know!


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