Budgie Updates

November 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Charles and Sabrina are doing well in their new cage.  I added a boing to Charles’s side and he is really enjoying having it.  Sabrina is keeping herself busy by destroying everything in sight and trying to get to Charles through the divider.  I think about once a week she forgets that the divider is there and tries to jump on him through it, and is shocked when she is stopped.  I am thinking of getting some kind of ladder for her so that it’s easier for her to make her way back up.  Thankfully, though, she has grown in all her flights back– she knocked them out during a bad night fright a few weeks ago– and has been gaining her gracefulness at flying back, little by little.  She sure is a cutie.

Sabrina's flight feathers are back!

... and she happily used them to fly across the room to the atom!

She and Charles are still iffy.  They are somewhat okay outside of the cage, but even then, they have to stay away from each other or else fighting ensues.  My latest project for them, however, is finding new temporary cages for them.  With the holidays coming up, we will be spending a bit of time at my mother’s, and they will of course come along.  Technically I do already have temporary cages for them there, but one of them is pretty tiny and inadequate, and it’s a piece of junk cage made in China.  I always feel bad when I have to put them in it, plus because there are a lot of people around, they tend not to get as much out of cage time either.  The other one is quite nice– it’s actually the cage that Sabrina was in prior to moving into the new cage.  I’d love to get my hands on a second one of those, but the problem is, it’s an Italian cage (made entirely in Italy) that my mother somehow was able to finagle from an old wholesaler friend of hers, that otherwise aren’t available in the U.S.  I’ve been contacting store after store to see if they would ship to the U.S., but so far, nothing.  Oh well.  I’m sure I’ll find something soon.  The nice thing is that it’s only for one budgie since the two of them don’t get along, and it’s much easier to find a cage that is suitable in size for one rather than two.

Charles also wanted to be a part of this entry.

In other news, Charles has been his same old self, keeping busy through grooming and looking dignified.  He often sits across the divider staring at Sabrina while she makes all kinds of gestures and noises at him.  He calmly sits and stares with no reaction.  I trimmed his little nails yesterday and he was so compliant.  Gotta love that bird.

Oh, one more thing: I was away this weekend and got back on Sunday night.  When I walked in the room, Lola popped up and greeted me with, “Hi!! I’m so cute!!”  Such a modest little bird I’ve raised!!


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