An Unfinished Project

November 4, 2011 § 14 Comments

I’ve had an unfinished project on my hands for probably two months, maybe more… Actually, in all honesty, the idea has been brewing in my head for several months now– maybe a year.  Some of you might know the site, Les Jouets Rosie (for all of the non-French speakers, there’s a translator on the right).  I am a huge fan of her beautiful toys and swings, and have been eying them for a long while.  But I have this weird aversion to dowels and can’t stand the look of them, so for months and months I’ve been dreaming of making my own version inspired by one of her swings, but with a natural wood base.  I finally got going on the idea when I contacted the Birdsafe Store about helping me with what is really the only difficult part of the project: the base.  After finally putting into words the very specific base I had in mind, I emailed all of my special instructions to the Birdsafe Store and they made my dreams come true!  They made me the perfect bridge-style base to turn into a fun, enriching swing and hanging gym!

It doesn’t look all that special in the photo, but you can chalk that up to my terrible photography skills.  It is an absolutely beautiful and very well-made ladder or swing base made out of gorgeous ribbonwood, with plenty of peel-able bark!  All of the screws, which are stainless steel, are hidden, so that they can’t be accessed by Lola or the budgies, and the Birdsafe Store was nice enough to drill me holes in all of the places I wanted them so that I could properly outfit this thing to look like a real hanging play gym.

I took the photo above with Lola for a size reference.  It’s huge!!  It’s about two and a half feet long in total, and almost a foot deep.  I plan on hanging it from the ceiling– in fact I’ve reserved a hook for it– after attaching loads of foraging blocks, wood, and other toy parts to it.  I think it will be a big hit… once I actually get started on it.  This beautiful base has been sitting in the bird toy closet for a while now, mostly because I’m lazy.  I’m hoping that by going public about it, I’ll force myself into getting a move on with this project.  I think it has a lot of potential!


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