In with the New!

October 24, 2011 § 6 Comments

The budgies’ new cage is here!!!  And I somehow mustered up the strength to put the entire thing together, by myself, despite being sick.  The hardest part was probably lifting the massive kraft paper roll by myself.  Now that was heavy.  Otherwise, however, putting it together was a breeze.  It’s really nice to purchase a cage with great and thorough directions, with every single part (and even extras), and with customer service so excellent that the owner of the company is available to answer your phone calls while you’re putting it together if you have any questions (which I did!).  Everything fit together like a breeze (another rarity in parrot cages!).  It is beautiful and shiny and lovely and the budgies have already moved in!!  They are christening it with their first sleep tonight.  I’m too tired to write a full review with any detail tonight and I know that all anyone cares about anyway is photos, so without further ado…

The full cage, in all its glory

The cage body, slightly closer up

The cage is a custom built stainless steel cage from Expandable Habitats.  It matches Lola’s quite well: it has the custom acrylic panel on top that keeps toes from being bitten and also allows them to hang out up there without soiling the interior of the cage.  The entire cage is lovely and incredibly well built!  This time around I actually opted for the paper roll system on the bottom and had them remove the grate entirely since I don’t use them.  There is sheet metal around all four sides, which helps to keep in the mess.  I think clean up will be a breeze with this cage!

Charles's side of the cage

Sabrina's side of the cage

As you can see, the cage is divided in half, split down the center by an acrylic divider.  It’s a bit hard to see in the above photos.  To be honest, it’s not ideal– I hate the acrylic– but stainless steel bars is not an option right now because my two are very, very aggressive towards each other.  It was actually quite difficult to set up their cages with one less wall from which to hang toys and perches.  (I don’t know why anybody would ever want a cage with an acrylic side unless they absolutely had to.  I am hoping that my two will quickly get over their aggression so that I can use a stainless steel barred divider rather than the acrylic as soon as possible.)  But I did it, for now, and we’ll live with it.

Inside Charles's abode

And Sabrina's domicile

For some reason, Charles’s side looks oddly empty in the photos, but it doesn’t in person.  Unlike Sabrina he also never goes to the bottom of the cage, so maybe that’s why it looks so empty.  I am going to stick a few perches down there anyway, though, just in case the mood strikes.  Maybe Sabrina will lure him down there.

In any case, I’m quite pleased with it.  It really is beautiful: very shiny and airy.  I wish I could have gone bigger for them, but at least I can rest assured knowing that the cage is expandable.  Right now, it’s 36″ wide by 24″ deep, so each of them has 24″ by 18″ of space to him and herself.  I had it built, however, so that in the future we can add another 36″ by 24″ section of cage, doubling the size, making it 48″ wide by 36″ overall.  That’s probably a few years off, for now, but it’s something to look forward to for all of us. 🙂

I will write more soon– a full review with plenty of details.  The doors and their locks, for example, I absolutely love!  I will take some closeups and whatnot as well.  Just not tonight!


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