My Little Skywalkers

October 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

I received a very exciting package from Oliver’s Garden this weekend!  The wonderfully creative Susan Tuck invented a brand new type of perch: the Skywalk.  I absolutely loved the idea of it and purchased one for each of my little companions.  I decided that they each deserved a new toy as well in preparation for the new cages!  As usual, Susan did not disappoint.  Everything is fun, playful, and very unique.  (And, of course, incredibly well-made to boot!)

Three Skywalk perches

I absolutely adore the Skywalk perches.  They are very similar to her beautiful platform perches, but they have a little peephole through the middle, sized appropriately for each species to be able to climb through!  The large one is, of course, Lola’s.  It has the signature beads inside that she loves so much– she really adores spinning them around.  The hole is also perfectly sized for her body so that she can’t get stuck between the perch and the cage.  The two little ones are for the budgies.  I opted for no beads on those simply because their feet are so tiny that I didn’t want them to slip or get caught.  I really love the look of them with no beads, though– very refined looking!  I know that Sabrina in particular, my little climber, will have a blast climbing in and out and around this perch!

Fun toys by Oliver's Garden

Here are the beautiful toys as well.  For Lola, I ordered one “Catch of the Day,” with added ribs in the fish to entice her to chew on them a bit more.  (She’s a bit picky when it comes to pine wood, but she does love the fragrant Oliver’s Garden pine.)  I think she will like the combination of the soft wood fish with the hard wood buoys.  The littles received very special custom-made fleece toys, designed specifically for them!  Susan was nice enough to take my request for a custom fleece toy that is tiny– budgie-sized– but that they can snuggle and preen.  They are adorable, and the colors really pop!  Charles’s has adorable little beads strung throughout on soft and chewy hemp rope, and Sabrina’s has some teeny tiny wood pieces that I know she will love chewing.  (She’s the most voracious little budgie I’ve ever seen– she chews willow wood!!)  Best of all… Susan was nice enough to throw in three of the adorable Star Cannon toys that we helped to name, and another awesome foot toy that I know Lola will love and adore.

A huge thank you to Susan for another big hit!!  The budgies’ new cage is set to ship TODAY!!  So I can’t wait for it to come so that I can outfit it with all of these beautiful new toys and perches.  I promise lots of photos when I do!


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§ 2 Responses to My Little Skywalkers

  • HungryBird says:

    Do you have any of those perches with beads for Charles and Lola? Maybe a solid platform perch with beads in it? I’m just wondering if your budgies like to play with beads or not. Mine don’t really enjoy them but Squeaky and Iggy (especially Squeaky) love playing with beads.

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