Lola’s Lovely Toys

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just thought I’d share some photos of Lola enjoying her new toys.  I finally caved in and let her have one of her new custom Things for Wings toys.  It’s so darn pretty that I almost cringed when I saw her playing with it.  I’m sure that it won’t look even close to this photo when I get home from work today!  Then again, I did purposely put it in a part of her cage where she doesn’t usually seem to play with her toys too roughly.  So maybe it’ll last a week, if we’re lucky!

It’s such a beautiful toy, and I’m shocked by how much there is packed into it.  There are, if I’m not mistaken, five legs of fun packed with tons of hardwood parts on this toy!  Everything is completely all natural and perfect for those heavy wood chippers out there.  It’s even named after my little girl!  You can find it here, Lola’s Toy, on the Things for Wings website.

I also gave her a few of these wonderful bamboo sticks to forage with.  I stuffed each end of them with some sunflower seeds and handed them over to her– she absolutely loves them!!  They’re such a fantastic and super quick foraging toy.  The bamboo is extremely snap-able and makes a delightful crunching noise.  They’re a bit easy for Lola but a lot of fun nonetheless.  Plus, she likes to keep snapping the pieces until they’re just tiny little slivers, even after she’s eaten the sunflower seeds.  We will definitely be stocking up on these– they are the perfect quick and easy foraging toys that keep her entertained.

In other news, if I’m not mistaken, the budgies’ new cage should be shipping out today!!  I’m super excited for it… I love doing new cage setups for them, plus I have so many beautiful new toys for them.  I’m also anxious to see how they do as roommates with an acrylic divider, and if it will help to calm down their aggression towards each other at all.  I’m hoping that gradually they will accept each other’s presence a bit more, and maybe down the line I can upgrade them to an actual stainless steel divider with bars rather than an acrylic sheet divider, if only for the fact that I can hang toys and perches from it.  I’m not thrilled about the idea of losing an entire wall from which to hang toys and perches, but it’s necessary for their safety.


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