Adorable Lola and Random Notes

August 14, 2011 § 6 Comments

This is going to be a completely random post as I don’t have anything to elaborate on really but rather just several shorter tidbits to share.

First, my darling Lola.  After her recent molt, she’s all pin feathers now, and is loving getting some scratches and some preening!  I keep it at the head and neck for her, especially because she can take care of the rest of her body herself.  I have read about and met many birds who are complete grumps when they are molting, but Lola just wants some love.  She is too cute to be true.

Something random that I had forgotten to follow up on before: I actually tried out using a water bottle with her and I hated it.  I used the Lixit Quick Fill bottle made of BPA-free plastic.  I loved it, except for the spring attachment.  Aside from the few traumatic stories I’ve read about birds that access it from outside of the cage and get their toe nails or beaks stuck, it’s also made of galvanized wire, a big no-no in my home.  I tried a number of different remedies to attach it safely to the cage otherwise and nothing worked all that well.  (I even tried using the galvanized spring attachment in an effort to see how I could best replicate it and I found that even that didn’t work very well.)  Aside from that I found it hard to clean, and Lola played with it and tried to destroy the valve more than she drank from it.  Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I’ve decided to stick with frequently changed water bowls until I figure out something better.

In other news, my barley grass is growing quite well!  It’s not coming in quite as thickly as my wheatgrass normally does, but that’s probably my fault.  It is currently sitting by the window, where it is getting a very sad amount of sun because we’ve had some horrible storms and generally poor weather as of late.  I was really looking forward to one last month of sun to get the birds outside, but I guess that might not be happening.  Maybe we’ll have another mild fall, though, and I can take them for walks.

On the budgie cage front, I’ve decided to go with the 24″ width just to give them a bit more space.  I realized that 24″ x 18″, though not ideal, isn’t really that bad.  Charles’s current cage is 27″ x 18″ and it gives him plenty of space, so hopefully he won’t notice the 3″ loss too much.  I’ve actually opted for an acrylic barrier between the two now, though, because of Sabrina’s increased aggression, sadly.  I don’t trust her with only bars in between her and Charles rather than a full barrier.


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§ 6 Responses to Adorable Lola and Random Notes

  • Natacha says:

    I’m not a fan of bottles either and figure it’s just easier to change/clean the water bowls more often.

    Oh and I love the Lola pictures!

  • HungryBird says:

    Lola is very cute! I can see feather dust on her back, reminds me of Malachite right about now! Juliet has pinfeathers on her head but they are almost gone now.

    I hate water bottles so I guess there’s something wrong with me too! Everyone has a water bowl except Romeo and Juliet, who have a bowl and a side waterer because they often refuse to drink from a bowl. You use a side bowl for Lola right? Not one on the bottom? You could consider a huge stainless steel dog bowl on the bottom and strategically place a platform perch above it like I do.

    And, not to make you totally insane, but how will they adjust to an acrylic divider? Are you going to get those special stickers that only birds can see to make them avoid the acrylic?

    • Coco's Flock says:

      I was thinking of using stickers but I’m not sure yet. I’m definitely going to introduce them to it while I’m home so that I can watch them and maybe show them that there’s something there depending on how clear the acrylic is.

  • Saemma says:

    I love these photos of Lola! She looks like a lovey!! I was wondering something about your new cage. Do you think there is a way of putting in a removable divider?
    Not a big fan of waterbottles even though I’ve never tried them.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Oh! It’s absolutely removable. I wouldn’t get one if it weren’t. My hope is that one day they won’t need it… or maybe at least won’t need it while I am at home, or at night.

  • Saemma says:

    That’s excellent! Sounds like you’ve thought this cage out very well.:) Lucky bunch of budgies!! Wish they were all treated like this!

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