Beautiful, Safe Swings and Toys

August 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Perhaps you remember Charles’s “sleepy swing,” a custom swing that Grey Feather Toys was nice enough to custom make for him to replace a former swing with galvanized wire and other unsafe metals.  It’s an adorable swing, and it’s absolutely perfect for him to sleep on, and best of all, it’s made with 100% stainless steel metals.  It’s such a favorite that I purchased a second as a replacement, but since separating Charles and Sabrina it’s now just one for each of them.

Charles's original "sleepy swing"

Sabrina, being the feisty little thing that she is, loves to play on, under, and around this swing– she loves to swing, hang, and flail from it as wildly as she possibly can.  That was all fine and good with me, until, of course, she got her little toes stuck in the chain.  I had read about birds getting their toes stuck in chains before, but it had never happened here.  I suppose I always thought that as long as it was properly sized and in short lengths, it wouldn’t be a problem.  And this is not to say that I’m banishing all chain from their cages, but I suppose now for items that they use as vigorously or as often as Sabrina does her swing, I think I feel much safer with non-chain alternatives.  I am so thankful that I was there to catch her get stuck and to free her!

I contacted Grey Feather Toys about some sort of non-chain alternative, because it would really break my heart if they couldn’t have their beloved sleepy swings.  Of course, Rebecca Wells came to my rescue once more!  She replaced the chain with thick, stainless steel wire, completely welded to the base as well as to the quick link up top.  The result is sturdy, safe, and adorable!  I purchased two, of course, one for each of my lovely littles.  They adore their new swings just as much as the old ones… and I can feel much better about knowing that there is no chain for their little toes to get stuck in.

Charles and Sabrina's new custom swings

I also purchased another small cotton rope perch with stainless steel wire inside for them, and it came with adorable teal beads at each end.  It looks very fresh and cool in the cage.  Sabrina got a new small boing too, with adorable purple beads, although I probably won’t use it until their new cage comes.  I couldn’t neglect Lola either, of course!  Rebecca was kind enough to let us have a sneak peak of a very cool new toy that she has just designed.  It’s a large version of the ever popular Tweedle toy– a BIG favorite here among the budgies!!  I was so excited about this new toy as I have always wanted one for Lola, actually.  It uses the same base as the Super MegaFone, so it’s perfectly sized for Lola’s very animated habits of play.  I tweaked it a teensy bit but I love how fun and safe it is!  It comes standard with all welded o-rings and I made sure that it only used very large, very durable plastic beads so that there was no chance that Lola could chip or ingest any of the plastic.

The Large Tweedle

I feel safe with this amount of chain first of all because Lola won’t be spending all of her time playing with this one toy like Sabrina does with her swing, but also because much of the chain is covered and it’s not the sort of toy that Lola is likely to be climbing all over.  I’ve been supervising her play and she actually has the most fun moving the beads up and down rather than making noise with it, something I’m very thankful for!


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§ 2 Responses to Beautiful, Safe Swings and Toys

  • So happy to hear that you are happy with the swings, I knew they were safe but was unsure if they would still be loved as they do not move the same way the other swings do. The new toy was going to be released this week but has been placed on hold until we can get all the Troy orders shipped.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      We adore it!! It doesn’t swing quite as much but I think it’s actually a good thing. The sturdiness keeps it from tipping, which happened quite a bit with my feisty (and hefty) two 🙂

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