Well-Loved Pine Toys

July 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Lola really isn’t the biggest fan of pine wood at all.  It figures, of course, because it is far and away the least expensive type of wood to provide for her and probably the easiest to find and the most abundant.  I swear she knows which toys are the most expensive and destroys those the most quickly and with the most gusto…  Anyway, I think Oliver’s Garden must have some secret alien pine source because Lola LOVES it!!  She loves it just as much as the more expensive other woods with fancy bark or crunchy textures; she simply adores it despite the fact that it is, still, plain old pine.  I don’t blame her.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Oliver’s Garden pine simply has the most incredible and fragrant smell.  I can’t get over it.  It smells so lovely opening up a package from them!

the "Plain Jane" toy

Lola having fun with her "Plain Jane" toy

Perhaps you remember the Plain Jane toy I posted about in another entry a short while ago.  It was actually a lovely free gift from our last order with Oliver’s Garden.  Well, Lola LOVES it.  It’s a beautiful (and of course fragrant) little fish with beak-enticing ridges, and of course, a mind-boggling acrylic eye bead!  Lola went nuts trying to extract that silly bead.  She was successful, of course, but it did take her a long while and she nearly went mad in the process.  It was a multi-day endeavor for her (maybe even a week-long one!), which is quite unusual for her.

There’s a short video of her fiddling with it before dropping it… I never said she was graceful!

What's left of poor "Plain Jane"

Well, that’s what Plain Jane looks like today, unfortunately.  No more eyes, almost no more ridges, almost nothing but a poor hunk of pine.  Still fragrant though!  Looks like we’ll have to purchase more of these!  I love finding good, simple toys that will keep Lola busy (and last more than a day).

Another lovely Oliver's Garden toy

Here’s another toy that was included in that last order.  It’s basically the classic Oliver’s Garden “Chunky Monkey” toy– lots of thinly sliced pine with wonderful ridges in the shapes to make it more fun for parrots to chew and destroy.  Usually it comes on a wooden base, but this time around it came on a very cool, reusable stainless steel toy base!  I couldn’t get a good shot of it earlier because, well, it was loaded with wood, but now that Lola’s had a day or two with it, the base itself is much easier to see.

The stainless steel toy base

There’s the nifty base, and there’s a second one below for double the fun!  Lola felt the need to sneak her big old beak in as well.  I think that I will have a great time loading and re-loading this base for a long while, especially at the rate that Lola goes through toys.  All of the rings and things on it are fully welded as well.  Luckily I have a ton of wood and other fun toy parts to reload this base many, many times!  I love reusable toys and especially durable toy bases.

All in all, we are big fans of Oliver’s Garden, as I’m sure you could tell.  Lola gives their toys, wood, and perches her seal of approval!


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§ 2 Responses to Well-Loved Pine Toys

  • Ming-Ming says:

    Douglas is terrible with pine also!
    I have SO MUCH OF IT (Nina’s wood and a bunch from T4W) and he won’t chew any of it!
    But if it is yucca, or any other sort of soft wood.. he’s ALL over it.
    What a lazy bird lol

  • Bling*_*) says:

    In Korea, web do not sell varity wooden toy’s ingredients.

    I only create bird’s toys weaving on a leash with the wooden stick and beads.

    Lola looks like Happy^.^

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