The Easy Sprout v. the bioSnacky

July 26, 2011 § 7 Comments

I decided to sprout some of my sprouting mix of choice, Totally Organics All in One Seed Mix, in both the bioSnacky glass sprouting jar and the Easy Sprout sprouter to see if there were any discernible differences in how the two operate or the end product of either.  Here’s how the process looked:

Day One, PM: Just after the initial soak. No differences.

Day Two, AM: Both are just beginning to grow their tails.

Day Two, PM: Both show short sprouts just beginning to grow, but the Easy Sprout has progressed slightly further.

Day Three, AM:Both jars have ready to serve sprouts, but the Easy Sprout has sprouted longer tails and is ready to be moved into the refrigerator.

Day Three, PM: With an extra twelve hours while the Easy Sprout was being refrigerated, the bioSnacky has mostly caught up in progress.

All in all, the Easy Sprout proved to be a more efficient sprouter, possibly because the design produces a more humid and favorable environment for the sprouts to grow in.  Both sprouters kept the sprouts smelling fresh and clean and both sprouters also showed a high success rate with the sprouts (meaning that nearly all of the seeds and grains in them actually sprouted, including most of the millet).

That said I do like both of them very much and the bioSnacky definitely wins points for being far easier to clean and to keep sanitary. I think that I will keep both of them around and use the bioSnacky for my seeds and grains and the Easy Sprout for the legumes, which tend to sprout more slowly. Perhaps the speediness of the Easy Sprout will help the legumes to sprout just as quickly as my seeds and grains in the bioSnacky!


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