Summer Sunbathing

July 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Everybody has been having a blast getting outside so much lately.  I am a big believer in the benefits of natural sunlight.  Although I think that getting a balanced diet is crucial as is good full spectrum lighting for vision purposes, through my research, I don’t feel that either of these two can provide dependable or completely safe sources of Vitamin D3.  A good friend of mine shared something extremely fascinating to me that her avian veterinarian recently commented to her: that there is a significant difference in the bone density of parrots he sees living in northern, colder climates v. those in sunnier climates.  This reinforces two things for me: first, that we really cannot depend on pellets or full spectrum lighting as sources of Vitamin D3, and second, that natural sunlight is crucial to health (and especially bone development).  During the summer in particular, I really relish the opportunity to get them outside as much as possible– lately the goal has been everyday!

Lola enjoying the sunlight on her feathers

Lola in particular seems to really adore it.  She is a laid back sunbather and will relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun on her feathers.  When she gets warm, she’ll dunk her head in her water bowl and let me know that she’s ready to be sprayed down.  She loves having a good soaking!

Karat gleaming in the natural sunlight

Karat also loves spray showers and was such a ham.  I was rotating between Lola, Karat, and the budgies, and every time I walked away from her with the spray bottle she followed me around in her cage until I came back around to spray her.  She used to hate spray bottles all together so she’s come a long way!

Lola and Karat in their matching carriers

Aren’t they cuties? 🙂  I love getting them outside in the sun.  We’ll be taking advantage of the warm days as much as possible!


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