Nutritious and Delicious from Avian Organics

July 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Finally… the very last of my many sale orders.  This one is from Avian Organics.  I am sure you can’t tell but I do actually try to avoid shopping from Canadian vendors when I can help it.  Nothing against Canada, just, the shipping is so expensive compared to most domestic vendors.  But there are simply some small businesses in Canada creating such unique, safe, and quality bird products that I’d be doing my parrots a serious disservice not to shop from them.  I really don’t think there are any domestic vendors that match up to several of them… Oliver’s Garden and Things for Wings, of course, come to mind.  Avian Organics is another one of them.  There is not a single American company creating a full range of foods with the quality and standards of Avian Organics, especially not with the recent closing of Good Stuff Parrot Food this past year.  Avian Organics is currently the only parrot food vendor on the market that makes an entire range of foods with a commitment to 100% organic and human grade parrot foods made without any preservatives, additives, fillers, low grade ingredients, or allergens such as peanuts, corn, or soy.  (Totally Organics does follow these standards as well but they don’t have an entire range; only the pellet and sprout mixes really.  I use and like both very much though.)  What’s more is that Avian Organics makes absolutely delicious items and seems to really know how to entice parrots (and people)!  Their mixes are such big hits with my guys that you’d think I starved them!

Goodies from Avian Organics

When I do order from them, I really try to stock up to get the most out of my shipping.  So despite my very small flock, I ordered quite a bit this time around.  This order included (although several items had custom tweaks to them):

  • Sweet Potato Sticks
  • Cupid Cookies
  • Country Cookies
  • Jumbo Truffles
  • Pacific Shores Gourmet Seed (2)
  • Pacific Deluxe Parrot Mix (2)
  • Avian Vitality Sprouts
  • Mango Medley
  • Andean Ambrosia
  • Quick Serve (2)

To top off an already large order, the owner, Doris, was nice enough to send a free sample of Mini Truffles and beautiful in shell walnuts, and I won a draw for a Loro Explorador toy with some Mango Ginger Minis!  I am so excited for these delicious items.  Lola has already tried the Mini and Jumbo Truffles (these are brand new items at Avian Organics) and she loves both!  I was surprised that she could handle the Jumbo Truffles because they are quite large but I guess I underestimate that big beak of hers.  She also loves the in shell walnuts.  They’re quite a challenge for her but they’re also quite the reward.

Avian Vitality Sprouts

Another new item for me (albeit not to the store) is the Avian Vitality Sprouts.  I was so excited to get these.  When I opened the bag, the first thing I noticed was the fresh and spicy aroma!  I think it might be the fenugreek.  It’s the only thing in the ingredients I’ve yet to come across.  I started sprouting immediately and I am so happy with the results!  As you can see from the photo, everything looks quite small in the bag.  I was so pleased when I started soaking them and they nearly tripled in volume!  They really soaked up the water rapidly and I ended up with a lot more than I’d bargained for.  I took some photos of the progress:

After an eight-hour soak

About ten hours later (a total of eighteen hours)... the first signs of tails

Another ten hours later (twenty-eight hours total)

I was really surprised by how quickly they sprouted.  They really did not take much longer at all than my normal seed and grain sprouts.  I always avoid sprouting legumes because I have this strange mistaken belief that they take much longer to sprout and I am paranoid about bacteria, but these grew their tails rapidly!  I picked out some of the sprouts with at least a 1/4″ tail to serve with dinner.  Dinner tonight was some delicious Quick Serve, the absolute favorite of all the cooking mixes in this household across all three of my birds.  They go crazy for it, and it smells so good!!  I have been tempted to eat it myself, many a time.  It has a delicious apple, cinnamon, and coconut aroma.  After it cooled I added a few choice sprouts on top.

Quick Serve with some sprouts on top

It went over quite well with all three of my little ones.  Lola in particular gobbled up the green peas and the garbanzo bean sprouts first thing!!  They will get some more for breakfast with some other choice veggies.  I’m so happy with these delicious and healthy Avian Organics items!


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