The Pellet Project: Totally Organics Pellets

June 23, 2011 § 7 Comments

I’ve finally completed the very first pellet included in the Pellet Project, my glossary of pellet ingredients!  The first up is Totally Organics Pellets (TOPs).  You can read all about the individual ingredients on the glossary.  This entry will serve as a brief way of putting it all together and an analysis of the ingredients in conjunction with each other.  I am following the color coding on the Pellet Project page.

* * * * *

Certified Organic Ingredients: Rice, hulled millet, barley, alfalfa leaf, sunflower seed hulled, sesame seeds unhulled, quinoa whole, buckwheat hulled, dandelion leaf powder, carrot powder, spinach leaf powder, purple dulse, kelp, rose hips powder, rose hips crushed, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rosemary whole leaf, cayenne ground, crushed red chili peppers, nettle leaf.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein min 13%, Crude Fiber min 12%, Fat min 7%

* * * * *

As the vast majority of green ingredients shows, Totally Organics Pellets have quite the impressive ingredients list.  Unlike the majority of pellets that are a concoction of wheat/corn/soy along with synthetic vitamins and preservatives, TOPs opts to use much healthier base ingredients derived from whole grains and seeds.  The rice is brown rice, and it even contains a number of healthful leafy green such as alfalfa, dandelion, and spinach. It also contains a number of healthy herbs associated with a number of healing properties, as well as antimicrobial ingredients that act as natural preservatives, and finally, appetite stimulants.  It has low levels of both protein and fat, which are often key problems with pellets in various species.

One of the most common complaints lodged against TOPs is that they do not add any vitamins.  A close analysis of the ingredients, however, would show that TOPs includes all vitamins (A, the B complex, C, D, E, and K) and rather than in the synthetic form, in the natural form, meaning that they cannot be overdosed on or lead to vitamin toxicity.

Finally, Totally Organics contains 100% organic and human grade ingredients indicating a high quality product, and they are cold-pressed rather than baked or heated to minimize nutrient loss.  The company also stresses on the packaging that TOPs are only a part of a healthy diet and that a variety of other foods are necessary for health.


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§ 7 Responses to The Pellet Project: Totally Organics Pellets

  • Erika says:

    So according to the ingredients it might lead me to believe that there actually is a pellet that may be safe for ekkies? Unless it’s the way they’re processed to form the pellet that would bother them…. hmm…
    Thanks for the info, got my wheels turning.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      I’m no Ekkie expert, but from what I understand, Ekkies shouldn’t have pellets with synthetic vitamins or artificial colors/flavors. Spirulina may also cause problems. TOPs has none of that stuff 🙂

    • C says:

      My male eclectus has been on TOPs over a year, I use them as a supplement though, the majority of his diet is still fresh food. The artificial stuff, spirulina, corn, and soy tend to be the problem with pellets and ekkies. I know mine toe-taps when given corn.

  • HungryBird says:

    I’m so glad you are using those colors! I think it’s pretty funny that the green ones are the better ones. Can I ask why hulled sunflower seeds are yellow? Is it because they are fatty?

    • Coco's Flock says:

      They’re yellow mostly because I know that if I put them as green, people will start a debate because they’ve so often been villainized in the bird world. In early aviculture people used to feed sunflower seed-only diets which obviously caused problems, so now a lot of people still seem to think that they are horrible for birds. They’re really not, but the key is just to feed them in moderation. They’re not too high up on the ingredients list in TOPs either (rice, millet, and barley make up the vast majority of the pellet) whereas they are the first ingredient in Harrison’s HP Coarse which is probably not quite as healthy a choice.

  • Tyree says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing these details.

  • […]  (You can read the only page I left standing from the Pellet Project, on Totally Organics Pellets, here.)  I had only gotten through a few pellets anyway, and the work ahead of me was quite staggering. […]

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