And Even More Goodies…

June 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

The sale purchases continue!  Here are two more recent orders by Grey Feather Toys and California Bird Nerds, both of which I highly recommend of course.

Amazing toys and more from Grey Feather Toys

We all know what a huge fan of Grey Feather Toys I am, and the combination of their products plus a sale is often disastrous for me.  This time was no exception.  I finally took the plunge and ordered the Sterling Twirl (bottom left), a huge stainless steel toy base!  It has six large holes for toy making and hangs from a welded o-ring (I asked for the chain to be removed).  It’s one of their “forever toys” and holding it in person I understand how it earned that name– this thing is solid!  I am sure that Lola and I will get a lot of use out of this fantastic toy base.  I also ordered a second stainless steel toy, the Colossal Spoon, which really is just that.  Lola loves banging things around her cage and making noise, so I know she’ll enjoy this one.  The colorful little ball in the center is called the Baby Possession, and it’s probably Charles’s favorite toy.  He really seems to enjoy pink, so, I think he’ll like this one.  He has one in pink and purple as well but Sabrina, being Sabrina, tends to hoard it.

I also ordered a Jumbo Boing– WOW!  This boing is huge and so heavy duty!  I haven’t decided whether I will use it in or out of cage because of its size, but I am so pleased with the construction and the very tightly wound rope.  As I’ve said before, I truly think Grey Feather Toys does an exceptional job with their cotton rope products.  I ordered a second ring swing for Lola (this time with complimentary green and orange beads!) and a second custom rope perch with stainless steel wire as well.  Finally, I purchased one of the natural wood toys with plenty of hardwood for Lola to snap (I try to mix it up every once in a while since most of the toys I make for her tend to look the same), and some very cool wood shapes with lots of ridges and notches in them.

Fantastic toy parts from California Bird Nerds

I also stocked up on a few essential toy parts from California Bird Nerds.  I purchased a spool of heavy hemp rope– I’ve gone through two or three already!  I really like working with hemp rope because it is extremely easy on the fingers, much more so than poly rope, leather, paper rope, and pretty much anything else.  Lola also seems to like to chew on it, as do the budgies.  I also purchased some very cute thin, ridged dowels that Lola will have a blast snapping, and some hardwood stars too.  Finally, I purchased more of those rolling pin toy bases, an absolute favorite around here!  But unlike than the normal ones, I asked Ann to put eye hooks in both ends of the rolling pin so that I can secure the rolling pins with quick links at both ends.  I am going to use these toy bases to make toys for their travel cages so that they have toys to play with, but they can do so safely and I don’t have to worry about a toy swinging and hitting them in the car if it’s a bumpy ride.


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§ 6 Responses to And Even More Goodies…

  • HungryBird says:

    Love those orders. I really wish the rest of my stuff would come! I think my Phoenix Foraging Rolls order arrived yesterday.

    The Sterling Twirl looks so short in that picture. Did you get a short one or is it just the camera angle? I can see how small the Baby Possession toy is now and it looks like it wouldn’t frighten my cowardly budgies too much.

    Thinking of getting some of those rope perches. My last five or six Booda perches have been really shoddy and seem to fall apart really quickly. I don’t want to buy anymore because it seems they are getting worse but I do want some sort of rope perch for my birds. Are the GFT rope perches soft or hard?

    Love those little wooden stars too. Reminds me I should place an order with them. Loved the adorable things I got last time.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      This postal strike is the worst thing ever. I’m dying for the rest of my stuff too!!

      The Sterling Twirl is actually somewhat malleable! After taking this photo I stretched it a bit. I kind of like that I can make it longer or shorter. It’s like a boing, really. And yes! The Baby Possession is tiny!! My budgies adore it!

      The rope perches are quite hard to bend… is that what you mean? The wire is very stiff but with some muscle you can get them to bend any which way. They’re just a bit tougher on the cage bars than the Booda ones. I love them though and they last so much longer than the Booda ones! I used to have all Booda ones and I’m switching over gradually.

  • HungryBird says:

    They have been fraying really soon. Squeaky and Iggy never mess with their rope perches but all of the sudden they are getting frayed very quickly and I keep having to throw them out. Squeaky and Iggy haven’t started chewing on them or anything like that. I have an older one for Romeo and Juliet because their rope perches last forever and that older one has outlasted something like four or five new ones.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      My budgies never messed with or chewed them either, but they didn’t hold up (the Booda ones). And eventually, the more you bend them, the more they will sag, and then the rope itself will start to fall out of the plastic cap. Very annoying!

      • HungryBird says:

        I never had the rope fall out of the plastic cup! I have a feeling I throw them out long before that becomes a possibility. I have a love/hate relationship with rope perches. I love how comfortable they are for birdie feet but I hate how gross they are.

  • Cher says:

    Hi, First, God Bless you for putting in thet time and effort not to mention the love that is going into this site. This info is sorely needed. My qusetion to all who use or have tried it is: How do your birds like the Phoenix Foraging Rolls? Do they like the UnPEllets? Ive not ordered from them but plan on doing so.
    I’ve had my own line (small one) Of bird healthy snack-like foods eg dried veggies, whole grain and seed mixes etc etc but illnes has put a damper on it for a while. I have been ito avian nutrion for 18 yrs and have had birds for almost 60 yrs now. (I’m getting OLD!) LOL
    I’ am looking for the URL so I can find the list of pellet mfg and the ingredients on one site if that is possible? I am getting a page here and a page theree so I am missing something as far as info goes. I want to post you on my bird groups/site. Thanks for doing this! Cher at BIRDWISE

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