Wood Galore from Things for Wings

June 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, we all know what a sucker I am for a sale.  And boy was this a good one at Things for Wings.  I may have gone a little overboard.  I’m okay with that.  At least I know Lola will be kept busy for a good, long while!  She absolutely loves her wood and I couldn’t pass up on such a great deal to stock up.  I also got some wonderful toys as a gift for my mother’s Hahn’s Macaw, Karat.  I think that all of my choices will be big hits.  I also have to say that I am very shocked and impressed by how quickly this package came!  Despite being located in Canada, the owner drives across the U.S.-Canada border every week just to ship her U.S. orders and keep shipping costs down for her customers.  My order was shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Friday if I am not mistaken.  Quite impressive!

Several "Slim Slab Stack" toys in various sizes and woods

First, I purchased several of the Limited Edition toys made by Pet Products By Nature.  Lola is absolutely obsessed with these beautiful, pristine, natural woods, and since they are much more difficult to come by now, I purchased quite a few.  Most of them are the “Super Slim Slab Stacks” which are much smaller in size than the others, and they are sliced very thinly, which I know Lola will love!!  I purchased a few in ocotillo, pecan, willow, and elm wood.  I also purchased two of the full-sized ones in ocotillo and they are ENORMOUS!  One of the wood slices is a foot long!  I am so excited to give these to Lola.  They are strung on veggie tanned leather, but I will probably take them apart and add in separators like wood beads for more fun, or put them on skewers or something.  I know that these will be a big hit!

Toy parts galore!

Actually only a small sample of what I actually purchased is photographed.  Basically there’s a lot more of everything above.  There are some wonderful grapevine wood chunks (Lola looooves to chew on these, plus they last longer than ten seconds, which I love!), plenty of those adorable pine “Slickety Sticks” with fun ridges and very thinly sliced, and several of the ocotillo, willow, and cottonwood toy bases.  I am going to make some amazing toys with all of these beautiful parts!  Danita was also kind enough to throw in a free toy kit as well!

Two toys for Karat

Finally, I purchased two very adorable and yucca-filled toys for Karat, the Hahn’s.  She doesn’t play with toys much at all, but makes a special exception once in a while for some yucca and occasionally some crunchy vine.  I am hoping that the snuggly fleece toy with yucca will attract her, as will the adorable “Cantaloupe” toy with yucca, bagels, seagrass, and vine!  My mother and I rearranged her cage yesterday and added in the snuggly yucca toy, so we’ll see.

I am so thrilled with all of these goodies and can’t wait to get toy making!  I still have a few other sale orders to post about in the mean time though.  More to follow!


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