Charles and Sabrina are on a Break

June 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yesterday morning, Charles did the unthinkable– he showed aggression towards Sabrina!  My sweet little guy has been the most docile, sweet little bird I’ve ever seen up until yesterday.  He doesn’t even try to bite the vet when he is being handled and his beak is being trimmed.  It was very strange and frightening to see him that way.  In the morning, while they were having breakfast, Charles suddenly fanned out his entire tail (he has very unique and beautiful blue, white, and black markings on it, so it was actually quite beautiful but also quite scary), crested all of his feathers, and began swiping downwards with his beak until he tapped the perch, as if he were marking it as his territory.  Sabrina kind of ignored him until he began lunging at her and attacking her.  Although shocked, I broke it up and thought they’d go back to normal, but Charles did it again and then pounced on her as if to wrestle.  I quickly grabbed her and let her hang out on the Crawler and Oddball while I dragged out the other cage and set it back up for her.  She is fine, but they are now separated.

I’m a bit heartbroken that Charles would do this, but I think the combination of less out of cage time as of late and Sabrina’s high energy have taken its toll on him.  Poor guy.  I think he’s relishing his space now but as for Sabrina, she’s a bit upset by it all and has been traversing the cage bars and floor calling for him.  It doesn’t help much, of course, but I did order her two custom toys from Things for Wings recently, and she really adores them.  They’re both incredibly adorable!

An adorable heart-shaped loofah with tiny willow coins, yucca, and seagrass

Purple flower-shaped loofah with pine stars, paper crinkles, and seagrass

I adore these toys.  I’ve never seen such beautiful and adorable loofah shapes!  Danita is truly an artist.  Sabrina loves her toys and I know she will have a blast shredding these in Charles’s absence.  She even picks apart willow bark with her beak.  She plays hard!

On that note, I also received some beautiful perches from Things for Wings. Here is a small sampling.  These are all “swing perch” style, meaning that they have no bolts in them but rather have a hole drilled on each side so that I can turn them into swings or other such toys.

Two willow perches, one pecan perch, and an elm perch

A close-up of the beautiful bark

All three of these woods have incredibly beautiful and intricate bark on them.  It makes them extra easy to grip and more comfortable for them.  Charles and Sabrina can even comfortably and easily grip these perches in the wide diameters because of their great bark.  I love these perches and I know Lola will too!

Anyway, I think that their separate cages will serve them well.  When I let them out of the cage last night, Charles was much more friendly towards Sabrina and even fed her.  I think he just needs his space.


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§ 3 Responses to Charles and Sabrina are on a Break

  • HungryBird says:

    Hey I wanted to let you know that last night Romeo and Juliet had their first fight ever. They bicker constantly but it is friendly bickering. This time it was different and we have no idea why it happened. Romeo was the aggressor and poor Juliet was really upset. I had to go over and make Romeo leave Juliet alone. We’ve been keeping an eye on them and everything seems fine but I may separate them for a while just in case. Must be something in the water.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Wow! Sounds like it’s going around 😦 Romeo is your female though right?

      I have Charles and Sabrina separated but today we went outside and they were in their travel cage together and preened and played like nothing ever went wrong. I think they just need their space every once in a while.

  • HungryBird says:

    Haha yes Romeo is a female and Juliet is a male! They’ve been fine since then though. They have never fed each other though. I kind of wish they would since hearing about Charles and Sabrina doing it.

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