Canary Island Date Palm Nuts

June 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lola is a  Fan Palm Nut monster– the size and texture are exactly to her liking.  She enjoys the occasional Christmas or even Queen Palm Nut every once in a while, but nothing gets her like a Fan.  They’re so much smaller in size than the others and the perfect shape for Lola to snap right in half in her beak!  She never tires of them.  When Kelly of The Cozy Nestbox posted about a new palm nut– the Canary Island Date Palm Nut– I was very, very intrigued!  They looked about the same size as the Fans, but with a beautiful, rich golden hue to them.  Unfortunately there are such limited quantities that they aren’t usually available for public sale.

Well, on my last order (a nice big Fan Palm Nut order before they went out of season), Kelly was extra generous and was kind enough to let us sample these beautiful Canary Island Date Palm Nuts!  These palm nuts look beautiful in photos, but their color truly pops in person.  They range from a very deep mustard to a sparkling golden hue, and their stalks are just as gorgeous!  I was so, so pleased to be able to sample them.  I washed them as necessary and handed them over to Lola to be the final judge!

She dived right in without hesitation and chomped a big bowl full of them– maybe 25 loose Canary Island Date Palm Nuts in total!!  She had a field day!!  Like the Fans, they are the perfect size for her beak and talons and she snapped them all into halves and slivers after extracting those beautiful outer skins and fruits.  She adores these palm nuts so much.  I have a beautiful stalk with the palm nuts still attached in the freezer as well as a special treat one day.  Lola really goes nuts when she can pluck them off of the stalk herself, so I know she will enjoy it.

I very highly recommend The Cozy Nestbox‘s excellent palm nuts and other exotic fruits and foraging treats.  They are amazingly enriching treats, chews, and foraging “toys” all wrapped up in one!  Many of the items are seasonal, but Lola’s top favorites are the Fan Palm Nuts, Pandanus fruit, and now, Canary Island Date Palm Nuts.  Larger birds (or birds Lola’s size that are less lazy) would do really well with the Foxtail, Bismarck, Queen, and Christmas Palm Nuts too.  Rumor has it that the Royal Poinciana Seed Pods should be back in season soon, and we never got to try those last year…!


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§ 3 Responses to Canary Island Date Palm Nuts

  • Saemma says:

    Lola sure makes those look good! I wish I could purchase them but due to our postal strike not a good idea. Tell me, are they sticky? Does Lola make a mess when she eats those? 🙂 I know you’ve mentioned that she’s not the tidiest eater

    • Coco's Flock says:

      These ones, and the fan palm nuts, are NOT sticky at all!! I think that’s why Lola likes them so much. The Christmas and Queen ones are much juicier and stickier (more like fruit) whereas the outer skin part of these comes right off revealing the clean palm nut husk to crack open within!

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