Other New Items in Lola’s Cage

May 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Aside from the wonderful Oliver’s Garden goodies in Lola’s new cage setup, there were a few other new items that I hadn’t yet had a chance to write about.  I first need to say, however, that Lola was being incredibly uncooperative today and yesterday with photos.  Every time I tried to get photos or videos of her playing, she hopped on my arm and tried to eat the camera.  So, none of them are very good, unfortunately.

A custom stainless steel noisy toy

Here’s the first one!  This is a really fantastic custom toy that Grey Feather Toys made for Lola according to my specifications, and I am so pleased with it!  They did an amazing job.  Basically, I asked for a very noisy, fun toy that has plenty of washers and clangy parts that will allow Lola to make a racket– but, there can only be chain at the top (where it’s not really going to get played hard with at all), ALL o-rings had to be welded, and it had to be all stainless steel (no plastics).  It’s perfect!  The quality is fantastic, it is very, very safe, and it sure is LOUD.  I kept trying to get a video of Lola playing with it (I can hear her in every room when she is), but every time I came by with the camera, she stopped.  I have about 6 videos of her sitting next to it looking at me funnily.  Not very helpful.

A very comfortable and cute cotton rope swing

My next commission for Grey Feather Toys was a super comfortable cotton rope ring swing.  They do actually make these normally so it’s not really custom, but this one is just a different size than what’s listed as available on the site.  Anyway, I wanted that characteristic extremely tight cotton weave that I’ve written about, only very, very hard and thick plastic beads for the decoration (Lola can now snap through the thin handle part of the largest size acrylic pacifiers), and simply a welded o-ring at the top.  Again, another perfect job and Lola totally loves her new, comfy swing!  The cotton used is a very tight weave and it is wound even more tightly around the stainless steel interior.

Lola on her lovely Grey Feather Toys cotton rope perch

The cotton rope perch isn’t new, but I’d never posted photos of Lola on it, so here it is.  I’m glad I decided to attach one side to the cage wall and one side to the ceiling because she is really having a blast using it as a climbing and scratching and chewing pole!  It was actually kind of a mistake or a last resort.  I ‘d tried it in a few different locations and wasn’t happy with any of them, and of course the big old door really gets in the way, so I finally decided to put it in the ceiling.  I’m very happy with its configuration and it seems like she is too!

A natural-looking pedicure perch!

Here’s another one of the new items– and I’ll bet it had you fooled!  It looks like a cholla perch, but it’s actually a pedicure perch!  I’ve written before about my troubles with finding pedicure perches that didn’t look like brightly colored non-parrot toys, to put it lightly, and then of course there’s the fact that none of them come with stainless steel hardware.  I had been using those bamboo ones but am not very pleased with how quickly they are deteriorating.  As soon as I run them under water to be cleaned, the sand just falls off.  And I’m not talking about a small amount of sand coming loose, but rather, entire areas just completely coming off and leaving only the smooth bamboo surface.  It doesn’t happen when Lola scratches her beak against it at all, but as soon as it hits water, it’s useless. What’s left is just the non-grooming bamboo perch itself that is really too smooth for Lola to be able to get a good grip on it.  Of course I still have the Safety Pumice Perches, but again, they look a bit conspicuous in the cage for me.

Well, I’ve recently been seeing a new type of pedicure perch popping up on a few sites that intrigued me first and foremost because it wasn’t in some tropical fruit punch color.  It actually looked just like a normal cholla branch.  I found out that they are part of two new lines of pedicure perches called the Beach Sands and Desert Sands grooming perches by Polly’s Pet Products.  The difference between the two lines is that the Beach Sands has a finer type of sand used.  I took a risk and hunted a few of these Beach Sands ones down.

A close up of the Beach Sands grooming perch

A second close up

I am usually not a huge fan of pedicure perches that are rough all over, but these Beach Sands perches could really change my mind.  The sand is very, very fine and really doesn’t feel overly abrasive to the touch.  I also really like that it has the cholla-style holes throughout to make it more comfortable and to offer some variation.  Pleased with them, I had a handy friend change out the hardware to stainless steel for me, and I’m loving these perches!  Lola seems to like them as well.  I don’t have it placed too high up so that she doesn’t sit on it too often, but it is near her palm nut bowl so she will get some good use out of it.  I’m wondering just how much nail trimming it will do since it feels surprisingly comfortable to me, but I’ll be able to report on that later.

Anyway, that should explain all of the new goodies in Lola’s cage!  I’m very happy with these purchases and am hoping that they serve Lola well.


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§ 3 Responses to Other New Items in Lola’s Cage

  • HungryBird says:

    I had the same experience with the bamboo perch. Malachite rubs his beak on the sandy part to clean it after eating and the sand all fell off. A bit annoying but I’m sure he had fun doing it. I’ve seen some interesting pedicure perches at Fauna and will have to take a picture to show you.

    I love attaching rope perches to the ceiling! Almost all my rope perches get attach to the ceiling.

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