Lola’s Redecorated Cage Setup!

May 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

I wanted to add in my new Oliver’s Garden goodies (as well as some other new goodies), so I decided to redecorate Lola’s cage today!  I have to say, although I do feel like the expert at great budgie setups now, redecorating Lola’s cage has always boggled my mind.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a cage setup for her that I loved 100%.  I find it much more difficult to redecorate for her, and especially to make accurate calculations on proper placement of perches, toys, and bowls to avoid being soiled.  That said, I do think that this one is actually pretty good for once!  I’ll see how it goes in the next few days and tweak accordingly.

The whole view, door closed

The whole view, door open

There it is!  I don’t have terribly many “rules” about cage setup really.  The “ingredients” change every time.  My main concerns are safety, using mostly natural wood perches with a variety of diameters and textures, including one roosting perch that must be double-bolted for security, and keeping those food and water bowls clean.  To suit Lola’s needs and play habits in particular, I also like to have a variety of toys including destructible, noisy, and foraging-type, and at least one swing.  The last requirement for Lola because she is a crazy and destructive bird, but really because I am also very paranoid, is that there cannot be any non-stainless steel metal.  All toys, food bowls, and even the bolt and wing nut on all perches have to be stainless steel.

The right side of Lola's cage

Here’s the right side.  The perches include one of the very beautiful Grey Feather Toys custom rope perches, a sandblasted manzanita corner perch, a ribbonwood perch, and a really awesome and actually very safe, non-abrasive pedicure perch made to look like a cholla perch (I’ll post a separate entry on this– I adore this perch!).  The toys include a stainless steel “MegaFone,” my lovely new Oliver’s Garden “Spike” toy, a super cool custom stainless steel toy (I’ll also post a separate entry on this– another cool one), and an acrylic treasure chest toy.

The left side of Lola's cage

Here’s the left side.  Perches include Lola’s double-bolted roosting perch, the adorable new platform perch, a wonderful barky willow perch, and you can’t see it in the photo, but also one Cajeput perch.  There’s also a lovely cotton swing, a home-made wood toy, an elephant foraging toy, and a stainless steel side-mounted pail for foot toys.

Lola on her new platform perch!

Loving those built in beads!

By the way, I got several requests for photos of Lola on the platform perch and her reaction to it.  At first, she thought it was some sort of alien life form coming to eat her, naturally, but as soon as I put an almond on it she decided it was okay by her!  Now she just loves it!  She is really, really enticed by those beads and has spent a lot of time trying to wiggle them out, but they aren’t budging.  She’s quite bothered.  I think this will keep her entertained for a good, long while!

So there it is, Lola’s brand new cage setup including all of her lovely new perches and toys!  I’m very pleased with it for once and am hoping that she is too.  Time will tell!


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