Adorable Oliver’s Garden Goodies

May 25, 2011 § 7 Comments

I’m completely tickled by my Lola’s new Oliver’s Garden goodies!!  They are beyond adorable.  I’m obsessed.  This was an uncharacteristically small order for me, as I am attempting to be more modest as of late, and I only ordered two things– but they are making me positively giddy!  They’re being cleaned and whatnot right now, but I just can’t wait to give these to Lola.  I think they will both be big hits.

A natural wood platform perch with built in toys

A second view

The first is a BEAUTIFUL platform perch.  It is a beautiful, big slice of natural wood, perfectly sanded and smooth.  I really like that it is super lightweight as well.  I have some fantastic flagstone platform perches, but they make me a little bit nervous with how heavy they are.  Best of all, it comes with five fun beads built into the perch as toys!!  I know this will keep Lola completely enthralled!!  I usually don’t give her plastics, but since these are huge, very hard plastic beads that she won’t be able to get her beak around to try to destroy anyway, I think she will love playing with and spinning these.  I can’t wait to put this in her cage and see how she likes it.  I think I will rearrange her whole cage to add it in this weekend!

The "Spike" Toy

A better look at Spike's tusks!

I can’t get over this one… the “Spike” toy.  It is so adorable.  I ordered it undyed so that I could use it as an in cage toy for Lola — it is loaded with tons of parts and textures!  Maybe this just makes me look bad… since it’s proof that un-dyed toys don’t have to look as ugly as mine do.  Oh well.  There’s something about the pine that Oliver’s Garden uses.  It’s incredibly fragrant.  Lola isn’t a big pine girl because she’s a spoiled, picky little thing, but she does actually really like the pine from Oliver’s Garden.  I am so enamored with this toy and I hope she will be too!  I think that if it goes over well I will have to order’s Spike’s girlfriend, the “Sassy” toy, and I’m really considering one of those hilarious U Crabby? toys as well.

I truly can’t say enough good things about Oliver’s Garden.  They make really wonderful toys with a commitment to safety– not only in the toy parts they use but also in their incredible construction as well as the bird-free environment they’re made in.  They also have amazing customer service and are willing to deal with total pain in the bum customers like me.  And finally… their products are just so PRETTY, unique, and whimsical!  Their toys really, truly stand out among others.  Even my non-parrot friends that visit always notice them and comment on them.  I love their toys!


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§ 7 Responses to Adorable Oliver’s Garden Goodies

  • Natacha says:

    Love what you got.
    I might just have to get one of the U Crabby toys for baby Cape. Things is, I don’t know if I put it in the cage… 😉

  • Meg says:

    Oh, lucky Lola! As soon as I saw that platform perch I knew Claudia would adore it! Just waiting until I place an order…. since my definition of modest differs from yours!

  • Erika says:

    I love them all and have been admiring them on her site. I especially like the perches, but I wonder, how in the heck did she get those beads in there??
    Also, I was wondering, do you have any flagstone perches for Lola? If so, how does she like those compared to the wooden platform perches? I guess they’re quite different other than the fact that they’re platform…

    • Coco's Flock says:

      The beads are so ingenious… what she does is drills the BIG hole perpendicular to the platform, then on the side she drills a little hole just big enough for a dowel. She puts the beads in through the big hole, then “skewers” it with the dowel through the side. I just love that idea!

      I do have flagstone perches– I touched on them very very briefly above. I like them but honestly they weigh too much for me to feel that I can safely use them in the cage. I’m also hyper sensitive of rough surfaces in case she has night frights (she’s only ever had one thus far, but still), so, I don’t feel entirely comfortable using them in cage.

  • HungryBird says:

    Love that platform perch!!! What a genius idea! They obviously know what makes birds tick as Squeaky would spin those beads around all day long!

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