Sabrina’s New Toy Interest and Updates

May 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

Although Sabrina really became a part of my flock simply for Charles– to be his companion, and not to be my pet– I do find myself slowly coming to love her.  This is big for me, because in general I really am not a fan of female budgies.  They tend to be much nippier, more highly strung, more feisty, and more high maintenance– and boy does Sabrina fit the bill!  She’s nothing like the calm, docile sweetheart that my Charles is.  But she’s a cutie nonetheless.  And I adore how she really relishes her toys!  She is a mini destructo-bird and it does make me smile, no matter how much I suppress it.

Sabrina nibbling on some crunchy loofa

More loofa for Sabrina

This week I discovered a new toy interest for her: loofa!  I’d seen it on toys before, but never thought to try it for whatever reason.  Well, I had actually gotten this chunk as a free sample from one of my purchase from Things for Wings, so I wedged it onto a knobby part of one of the grapevine perches.  Sure enough, Sabrina came by and started to rip it up!  I was pretty pleased.  I purchased a few custom toys for her with adorable loofa parts that should be here next week.  I can’t wait to see how she likes them!

In other news, I’ve been having to travel a lot on weekends, but finally I think I’m done, at least for a short while.  It’s tough being gone from the flock, even for a few days.  This weekend they seem to have been extra kind, though, and it isn’t nearly as messy and chaotic here as it has been in the past.  I am also pleased to report that Sabrina finally has one flight feather coming in on each side!  She got a horrible, horrible clip as a baby and she just drops to the ground when she tries to fly.  I can’t wait for her flights to grow back in.  Not terribly much else is going on here.  I do believe I have a new cage for the budgies in the works, so that’s exciting, but it won’t be done for a few months.


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