Welded Skewers!

May 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

I am a huge fan of stainless steel skewers.  I love them!  I use them for food, I use them for toys, I use them with Charles and Sabrina, I use them for Lola, I use them every which way and all the time.  I have quite the collection by now in all different lengths and sizes.  My favorites are the acrylic ball-style skewers that Expandable Habitats and Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys make and sell.  First of all I love how high quality they are: they use a high grade of stainless steel and the acrylic balls are very sturdy and durable.  They are made right here in the U.S.A. as well, which is always a big plus for me.  I also really like that they come in different gauges and each gauge comes in multiple lengths (so that I have short and long ones for the budgies, and the same for Lola).  Finally, the slightly pointy end of them makes it a lot easier to stab through carrots and other veggies!

My one complaint?  The ends of them, or the hook part to which a quick link is usually attached, are shaped like unwelded eye screws.  I am hyper aware of any beak or toe-catching spaces on toys and whatnot because I have seen Lola’s beak get caught onto objects like this right before my eyes.  I have some toys with very tightly shut O-rings that I thought for sure would be safe, but she’s managed to pry her beak through them and get herself stuck.  Trust me, it’s not fun for either of us.  So with these skewers, although they were so high quality and fantastic, the open hooks always left me a little nervous.  I did myself and the birds a favor and just had them welded by a friend who works with stainless steel.

Safely welded stainless steel skewers and corkscrews

I am so happy!  They look great and now I can use them with no fear.  Silly Lola with her big beak can’t break these welds 🙂


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