Lola Outside on her Harness!

May 11, 2011 § 11 Comments

This past week, Lola and I made a sudden breakthrough with her harness training!!  We’ve been through months and months of harness training that seemed like one step forward, two steps back most of the time.  I wasn’t hopeful, and in fact had been losing hope more and more in recent weeks.  Then suddenly this week she let me put the harness over her head with no resistance… and the next day I actually got the whole thing on her!!

Lola enjoying the beautiful weather on her harness!

I am so, so excited!!  I really didn’t think we’d ever get there, after all of my failures and frustrations.  But we did, and the past two days in a row I’ve been taking her for walks around the neighborhood to enjoy the sun!!  She definitely doesn’t love being harnessed, but, she has been a lot better about it than she has in the past.  It also seems like once I get her outside and walking around, she is much more interested in what’s going on around her than chewing at the harness itself.  She also enjoys getting showered with treats and praise, of course.  She’s attracted quite a few neighbors and children especially!

Lola showing off her Aviator Harness

Although I had been taking her out in her travel cage frequently since the weather’s been nicer, I am so happy to have her harness trained.  I even have a flight line for it, so hopefully one day she will be brave enough to let go of her death grip on my hand and arm.  I am a really big fan of the Aviator Harness, and in my opinion it is the absolute safest harness on the market.  It is very, very secure (and doesn’t depend on velcro straps which to me doesn’t seem safe at all) and also the least bulky.  I think that the idea of diapers is a bit ridiculous, personally.  Parrots “go” so frequently for various biological reasons, and one of them is to keep their bodies as light as possible to promote flight.  To buy a flight suit or a harness with a diaper attached seems incredibly counter intuitive to me, and much more for the human’s convenience than the parrot’s enrichment.

Taking in the sights and sounds

Anyway, I couldn’t be more pleased about finally getting her into this thing– it sure took long enough!  I am hoping that we can continue to make trips outdoors all throughout the nice weather.  I am so excited!!


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