Sabrina’s Spa and Shopping Day

May 10, 2011 § 7 Comments

Sabrina is such a little princess.  She is so lucky she’s such a cutie pie… I can’t help but pamper her!  Since she’s been home, she’s claimed many things as “hers.”  Many of Charles’s old favorite toys are now HERS.  The little grapevine tunnel on the Exotic Wood Dreams tabletop stand is now HERS.  Certain food bowls and perches… you guessed it, HERS.

Sabrina at the "spa": her acrylic bath house

Some of you might remember the acrylic bath house that I’d bought for Lola.  Well, it was just slightly too small for her to really give her a good bath, and way too big to be practical for the budgies, but Sabrina really liked it.  So I gave the old one to a good friend and had a new one custom made for my little Sabrina.  It’s a more reasonable size, plus it is small enough that it can mount to the side of the cage, so it’s pretty convenient!  This is something Charles is actually okay with letting Sabrina claim as HERS– he is a vehement anti-bather.

A blur of Sabrina going crazy in the bath

You can probably hardly make out the little purple blur, but that’s Sabrina, just going wild in the bath!!  Don’t worry, the water level wasn’t actually that high.  The distortion from the acrylic makes it look a lot higher, but if you look at the back where there isn’t a panel of acrylic obscuring the view, you can see that the water level is only about a centimeter.  She loved her “spa” day!!  And Charles enjoyed standing far enough away so as to keep his feathers perfectly dry.  Silly boy.

The "After Bath": Charles preening Sabrina

I think the photo is so funny because Charles looks absolutely ginormous next to her.  Well, he’s definitely not that much bigger; it’s just the angle.  He looks like a monster budgie though!!  There he is helping her settle her feathers after her bath.  What a little princess she is!

Sabrina's designer Things for Wings bag

I took her “shopping” as well and bought her a “designer” handbag from Things for Wings.  But she hasn’t even been taking care of it!  Look at how poorly she’s been treating the poor thing!!  🙂  She just loves her Things for Wings toys.


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