Lola and her Amazing New Foraging Toys!

May 3, 2011 § 5 Comments

One of my friends on Avian Avenue very seldom recommends a toy or product.  She knows that most people have seen it all, and that so many lines of toys are simply more of the same– but when she does take the time to recommend something, I know it’s good.  The last time she posted about a vendor, I ended up with an amazingly high quality and beautiful Wingdow Stand, which I love and highly recommend.  Well, recently, she shared a new vendor, called Parrot’s Treasure.  After reading about her recommendation, taking a look at their products myself, and speaking to the owners of the company, I decided to try out a few of their products.  And boy, am I impressed!

A bear, a parrot, and an elephant foraging toy

They make a small but extremely creative line of foraging toys, including various shapes ranging from dinosaurs to cacti to gingerbread men.  All toys are carved, sanded, decorated, and drilled out of very high quality and clean, un-dyed, fragrant pine, and are just beautiful!  Usually, they come with adorable faces or other details that are not designed with dye but rather a wood burning tool that simply darkens the wood (and is use exclusively for toy making purposes).  I opted to have them “plain,” but they look very cute with the faces too.  Finally, the holes are stuffed with delicious pine nuts to entice parrots into foraging!  I just love that these are not only fun, enriching foraging toys, but they are also high quality, un-dyed, and just plain adorable.

Foot toys galore! Fun Pops and Yum Yums.

Lola playing with a Fun Pop!

They also make really great and creative foot toys– here is a sampling of some of the ones I purchased.  Up top are the “Fun Pops,” lollipop-style foot toys with room for a treat, but also some great movable parts on the bottom that add even more fun.  Below are the “Yum Yums,” very whimsically shaped foot toys that I would guess are the scraps from the carvings of the animals.  I love this idea though: rather than tossing them, turning them into completely functional and even very fun foot toys!  They make regular square ones too, but I actually love these shapes and think that a lot of them would be easier for a smaller or medium-sized parrot to hold.  As you can see, Lola adores them.  She loves extracting the treat from the foraging hole, but she continued playing with her fun pop long after the treat was gone, until she had decimated it to little pieces.  I will definitely be purchasing more of these!

Lola's tongue at work foraging with her Elephant toy

Lola finds the toys equally as enthralling.  My personal favorite is the Elephant “Rattle,” which is basically skewered on a wooden dowel.  I removed the long leather portion and will skewer those pieces, and will do the same to the parrot and bear toys (I prefer skewers to strings for in cage toys), but the elephant works really well and safely on the wooden dowel.  I put this toy in Lola’s cage and didn’t hear a peep out of her for thirty minutes.  I have NEVER seen her so amazed by a toy, ever!!

Not only does this toy have great, movable hard wood parts that she adores gnawing on and snapping, but it’s a foraging toy too!  As you can see above, she just went nuts trying to extract those treats.  When I first saw these toys, I thought they were great as “beginner” foraging toys, but after seeing them in person, you can actually increase or decrease the difficulty.  The holes are fairly deep, so you can push treats pretty far in making them harder to extract.  The small size of the holes also makes it a bit more difficult for those with bigger beaks like Lola.

As you can see from the video, when she gets frustrated with foraging, she switches to wood chewing instead.  It is such a fantastic way to keep her busy, and I know prevent her from being bored when I’m at work.  The problem with so many of her foraging toys is that I load them up in the morning but within a half hour they’re pretty much emptied and no more fun if I’m not home.  When I went to work yesterday, I loaded it up, and when I came home in the afternoon she was still working on a few of the more difficult to extract treats.  I love this toy!!

I truly think these toys are fantastic and are such a great way to prevent boredom, especially for us working parrot owners.  You can check out the full line of toys at Parrot’s Treasure.  I am happy to report that they provided excellent customer service and were very, very open to my custom requests and tweaks.  I highly recommend these toys and I am so thankful that my friend let me know about them!


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§ 5 Responses to Lola and her Amazing New Foraging Toys!

  • Meg says:

    I am glad you posted this! I saw these too when she recommended them and was very intrigued. I ma not as quick on the trigger as you, though, so to speak, so I hadn’t gotten anywhere near placing an order yet! I am particularly interested in them (well for all of them, I mean, cute un-dyed toys, with built in foraging?!!) for Frank and Claudia… although as usual when I say something like that I suddenly think how they would all enjoy them… Seriously, though, Frank can’t have dye or plastic/acrylic, and he is a very advanced forager. Claudia also loves foraging, loves wood, and these just looked right up her alley! I am even more interested in them now!

    • Coco's Flock says:

      I really highly recommend them. I spoke to the store owners at length about safety and quality standards and am really impressed with the level of thought and care they put into these toys! They truly stand behind them and I can see why. I just placed another order as a gift for a friend, and am already planning my next order!!

  • Teresa Page says:

    Yay!! I’m so glad both you and Lola are pleased with the toys from Parrot Treasures. Like I said, takes a lot to impress me, but these toys, and the company did it. I know they will be part of my quality vendor arsenal!!

  • Saemma says:

    Thanks for sharing Coco! I have a feeling that Mabel just might love these toys!!

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