What I Love About Cape Parrots

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Over on Avian Avenue, a thread was recently started that asked what Cape “Parronts” enjoy about living with their Cape Parrots.  I thought I would post my response about Lola in particular here and add a few notes.

My beautiful Lola with a floofy!

Let me count the ways…

I love that Lola is very GENTLE. Having grown up with a Hahn’s Macaw, I know the damage that a powerful beak can do — and she was a measly 125 grams. I was, at first, incredibly intimidated at the thought of a bigger beak in my life, but I kept reading about Cape Parrots, these “gentle giants.” Across the board, every breeder has agreed that even Cape parents and wild caught Capes are incredibly gentle birds. Lola fits this perfectly. I have seen what her beak can do, but she has never, ever bitten or even lunged at me. She plays with and preens my fingers very gently, even when hanging from them by her beak!

I love that Lola is very INDEPENDENT. Again, I adore that little Hahn’sie, but there is no better example of a velcro bird!!! I knew that as a very busy person with a job and many things to take care of, I could not deal with having a bird that was like cling wrap to me. Lola is very good about entertaining herself; she LOVES to play; she could pass hours with a good foot toy. But she is also a snugglebug when she wants to be and loves nothing more than some good lovin’ from mom.

I love that Lola is very QUIET!!! She is a very low volume bird. Even her chatter is in a very soft and sweet voice. She only times she has ever screamed — and it’s not really a scream, but more of a high pitched call — have been for specific reasons (a hawk outside, food now please, etc. 🙂 ).

I love that Lola LOVES HER TOYS. She really makes me feel like my money is well spent 😀 She plays with her toys with plenty of gusto, and really relishes every single bead, piece of wood, or foot toy. I will admit that she is a very, very expensive bird to keep busy, especially at the rate at which she goes through things, but it is sheer joy watching her!!

I love that Lola is incredibly SWEET. She loves my family, my S.O., my friends, my neighbors, my budgies, etc. I do not have to worry about her taking somebody’s eye out or leaving a dent in their arm if they try to get her to step-up. She is very friendly, but even in cases where she is not quite ready to step-up she would much rather leave a fearful situation by flying away than attack or lunge.

I love that Lola has a MIND OF HER OWN 😛 Lately she has been giving me the commands– when I walk away she’ll say, “Come here!!” or when I’m not exactly on time with dinner she calls out to me, “Yummy yummy?? Yummy YUMMY!!!” She’s a real stinker.

Living with Lola is a joy and I have no regrets with her.  This is not to say, however, that she is an “easy” parrot or that you should run out and buy the first Cape you see.  Although Lola does fit the profile of the typical Cape in a lot of ways, I know many Capes who are aggressive, lunge, bite, have favorite family members, are one person birds, or have other behavioral problems.  There is no such thing as a “pefect” parrot and the only way to figure out what is the best fit for you is to research, research, research.  It took me several (about six) months of pure research and meeting various types of parrots before I could even pick a species, then another few months to look for rescues/adoptions or to find a quality breeder, and then many more months of waiting for my little girl to hatch.

Please be responsible in your choice to bring home a parrot.  Expect the unexpected and be ready to love unconditionally.

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