Shower Time with Lola

April 23, 2011 § 6 Comments

Unlike my very stubborn budgies, Lola is a true LOVER of water.  She would hop in the shower with me every single day if I’d let her, but she relishes a good bath any which way: showers, sink baths, large bowls, the acrylic bath house, a spray bottle, her own water bowl!  I’ve yet to find a method of bathing that she doesn’t absolutely love.  She fluffs up, spreads her wings, and will run back and forth under the water (or if in a bowl, she will waddle in and out and in and out– it’s hilarious), loving every second of it!!  Her baths have been known to on for as long as ten to fifteen minutes, until she is squeaky clean (and absolutely soaked!).

That said, though, I’ve always had trouble with finding a sturdy enough shower perch that stays up under her weight, especially when wet!!  I’ve tried the classic kinds that have one perch (typically it swivels back and forth so that it doesn’t take up too much space) held up by two to four suction cups.  Those NEVER cut it, and always slipped, freaking her out and causing my premature grey hairs.  I finally found this one while looking for one that supported both ends of the perch– this one was exactly what I needed!  So, I took a chance and ordered it.

Lola on her new Feathersmart shower perch

I have to say, I LOVE this shower perch!!  It completely met and exceeded my expectations!!  First of all, and most importantly, it is VERY sturdy.  It does not budge one bit, even when she is absolutely soaked, as you can see.  And it’s surprisingly big, so it provides enough room for her to be able to do her little rain dance (or to accomodate multiple parrots, if you have a larger flock).  I’d imagine it’d be sturdy enough for even an Amazon or a Cockatoo.  Second, I love that the perch is textured so that it is VERY easy to grip, even when it’s completely wet and should be slippery!  It has great texture that Lola actually really likes to rub her face on as well, I’ve found.  And finally, it comes standard with stainless steel screws– now that’s my kind of perch!!

Sweet and Sopping Lola

Lola and I are very pleased with this perch and highly recommend it.  It is made by Feathersmart, but we ordered it from the Persnickety Parrot, and are pleased to report excellent customer service, very fast shipping, and even a lovely free gift!

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