Finally, Stainless Steel Ring Holders!

April 23, 2011 § 12 Comments

First I just want to say, THANK GOODNESS I am finally done importing entries!  A lot of them, obviously, were never moved, but I think that I got all of the most informative ones over.  Now I can finally write some new ones!

Some of you might remember back in January when I was very dismayed to find that the King’s Cages stainless steel bowls and ring holders that I used were not actually stainless steel– the bowls were, but the ring holders were actually chrome-plated, and mine had just begun to rust.  I was especially disappointed because I had contacted the company directly asking what they were made of, and I had been told at least twice that they were stainless.  It wasn’t until I called and told them about the rust that they finally admitted that they were chrome-plated.  I have over twenty of these bowls and ring holders; needless to say I was not happy.

It’s quite astounding to me how little options there are for stainless steel food bowls and crocks on the market.  I use exclusively stainless steel bowls because I feel that they are the most sanitary and safe, but almost every single stainless steel bowl comes with a non-stainless ring holder.  The only company that makes 100% stainless steel bowls and ring holders is Expandable Habitats, but their line is rather limited.  They only come in two sizes: 24 and 46 oz.  I do use and love their 46 oz bowl (and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee), but it is huge and too deep even for Lola, so it is really a bathing / dunking water bowl for her only.  Their 24 oz bowl, though more appropriately sized, is more deep than she prefers for food, especially her mash for some reason.  And then, of course, there is the fact that both of these are much too large for the budgies.

I began contacting various cage makers and other people in the parrot industry and finally even local stainless steel welders and whatnot when I realized how difficult it would be to find somebody willing to take on this custom project.  I had some very nice companies try and make a custom ring holder for me to fit my existing bowls, but always turn me down.  Apparently, it is very difficult to bend stainless steel, especially in a tiny perfect circle as was necessary for the small 5 oz bowls I wanted for the budgies.  But I finally found somebody willing to do it!

Custom 100% stainless steel ring holders built to fit my existing bowls (some extras, not currently in use)

The bad news: After only making a few of them, the company told me that they would NOT be willing to make anymore of these after they finished what I’d originally asked for.  They were actually quite a pain to make evidently and were not worth the trouble for the money, despite the fact that I paid an arm and a leg for them.

The good news: They are PERFECT!  They are 100% 304 grade stainless steel, custom-built to fit into the King’s bowls that I already have.  The best part is, they even fit the little notches on the sides of the bowls so that they will lock into place and cannot be dumped by mischievous parrots.  I purchased a whole bunch for Lola and the budgies, and even some special ones to fit into the aluminum cages.

Then I decided that new bowls meant that I should rearrange cages! 😀

Charles and Sabrina's new cage setup

This is Charles and Sabrina’s new cage setup.  They’re roommates on nights and weekends for now, but I might give them a trial run during the week. They’ve been doing very well together, plus Sabrina likes Charles’s cage so much more than her own.

A look inside on the right and left

There are two “feeding stations,” each with two of their beautiful new stainless steel bowls and ring holders.  They’re close enough together that the two of them won’t fight over who gets what bowl, as long as they have the same thing in them.  Then a ton of great natural wood perches with different configurations, and of course a ton of toys.

Charles and Sabrina on the upper level of their cage

Up top is my very favorite perch: a very branchy and gnarly sandblasted grapevine wood perch that is so great for their feet!  There’s a single water bowl, placed high up so as not to get soiled.  I’ve learned that it is wise to put the less messy, less shreddable, or all stainless/plastic toys up top with them so that they don’t shred a ton of balsa or paper into their food and/or water down below.

Lola's newly rearranged cage

Lola also got a cage rearrangement in honor of her new bowls and ring holders, although I am not sure if I am 100% happy with it right now.  I will probably move a few things around during the course of the week (and add more toys).

All in all, I’m so happy that I can finally say that every single metal item in their cages are 100% stainless steel, ring holders included!


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§ 12 Responses to Finally, Stainless Steel Ring Holders!

  • Meg says:

    Wow, they look nice!! Lucky you getting them! I have the same problem. I have resorted to using lixit dishes (although I dislike plastic) for my ekkies, and the quakers just get ceramic dishes on the bottom of their cage- dog dishes actually, they love how big and shallow they are! The Aussies use mostly glass dishes on the floor of their cage, but I have a few ss with np ring dishes I use for water, etc. I throw out the ring when it starts to chip even a little, and this coming form someone that hates waste!

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Thank you! I wish I could put dishes on the bottom of their cages– that would actually make my life a lot easier, and stop me from worrying about ring holders! For some reason, none of my flock seem to like that. The budgies will eat from a bolted on bowl all the way down at the bottom, but not a dish on the bottom. They’re very odd and picky little birds.

  • Erika says:

    That is so awesome that you found someone to make the holders for you! I’m glad they were the right size and everything. 😀
    The fids are all looking wonderful, and Sabrina and Charles look so cute next to each other.

  • Meg says:

    Just thought of this! Do oyu know of anyone that could make aluminum rings? I thought perhaps that would be easier to bend.

  • Ming-Ming says:

    Those ring bowl holders are AWESOME!

  • Coco's Flock says:

    Thanks Ming!

    Meg, please share what you find! I have another person who might be able to do stainless steel ones as well — keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  • HungryBird says:

    Nice stainless steel rings. Hopefully you will find another source of them. I wonder why it is so much harder to make the rings than the actual bowls. What kind of toy is that white ball with the pink and purple things?

    • Coco's Flock says:

      It is looking very promising! I am sending some bowls out to somebody else this/next week and hopefully within a few weeks, if they are safe and durable, I can post photos and share his contact info!

      That toy is called the Baby Possession: It is honestly one of my budgies’ favorite toys. I am probably going to get a second one on my next order because they love it so much that they fight over it.

      • HungryBird says:

        Yeah I noticed you did not name the company that made these stainless steel rings and I figured it was by their choice as they would have tons of crazy bird people harassing them to make more! They are very nice looking though.

        I don’t know if my parakeets would be afraid of it or not. They’ve never had a toy like that. They can be pretty neurotic about toys. I think I will get it and see.

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