Three Cheers for Grey Feather Toys!

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently won a $10 gift certificate to Grey Feather Toys through a contest (hosted by a third party), and when I received the certificate, Rebecca Wells of GFT was nice enough to also throw in FREE SHIPPING on top of that, out of GFT’s expenses! So, since Sabrina had just arrived and I wanted to increase the number of out-of-cage play areas for her and Charles, I decided I’d finally purchase a Jolly Ball!! With this amazing offer, I was getting this beauuuutiful Jolly Ball that was normally $49.95 + shipping for $39.95 with FREE shipping!!!

I was super excited to open up the box, but when I opened it, I was very surprised — it was ENORMOUS!!! Way too big for my little budgies!!! I wrote Rebecca an email basically saying that she may have accidentally sent me the next size up for the medium-sized guy.

I didn’t know how she would proceed being that GFT has a strict no return policy, but this was a very expensive item that she had already given me deep discounts on! That said, though, I always open birdie packages in a bird-free area (because I disinfect everything before my parrots get to them). So, I wrote her the email offering to remove all of the porous items and leave on only the hardware and the ball, which could be disinfected.

Well, I am very impressed to say that not only did Rebecca apologize profusely and send out the right size Jolly Ball the SAME DAY! but she also rectified our tricky situation by instead very generously donating the Jolly Ball to a rescue group.  So, her no return policy was not compromised AND this Jolly Ball was not wasted!

Now here is Charles and Seb’s beautiful Jolly Ball!!

Charles and Sabrina's lovely Grey Feather Toys Jolly Ball

It is the perfect size for the two of them– 8″ in diameter– plus complete attention to safety and detail.  It uses 100% stainless steel construction, like all of GFT’s products.  I think my two will have a blast with it!

But WAIT!! There’s more!!

That wasn’t the only thing in the box…

In order to apologize yet again, which was totally unnecessary, Rebecca sent this free toy for Lola!!! Rebecca knows about Lola’s not-so-good record with plastics, but her penchant for wood chipping, and she customized this huge “Freakazoid” toy (no cheap freebie!) and included it at no cost for my Lola girl on her Hatch Day, April 1!

Lola's custom-made Freakazoid toy

Can you believe I got this custom toy made just for Lola PLUS a Jolly Ball all for $39.95 and free shipping on top of all that?!

I am SO impressed with Rebecca Wells and Grey Feather Toys! She has truly gone above and beyond here!! Three cheers for Rebecca!!!

[This entry has been imported, with some edits, from my previous blog.]


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