Red Palm Oil and Bird Bread

April 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Tonight I cooked up a few batches of birdie bread for Charles, Lola, and Sabrina!  Charles and Sabrina enjoy Good Stuff Bird Bread, which I bake into mini muffins, and Lola adores her Avian Organics Bird Bannock.  I recently read some very fascinating information about red palm oil in a wonderful informational page by the World Parrot Trust, an organization that I highly recommend anybody interested in parrots in any capacity check out; they do incredible work and are also a wealth of knowledge.  Red palm oil, although rich in beta carotene in its normal state, rapidly decreases in nutritional value when heated or cooked.  I found this information rather alarming being that my most common use of it is cooked into my bird bread!  Thankfully, a very wise and knowledgeable member at Avian Avenue shared with me her way of incorporating red palm oil into her bird bread without cooking out all of its goodness: rather than baking it into the batter, instead she waits for the bread to cool mostly, then spreads a thin layer of red palm oil over the top of the bread (like butter).  This way, the oil soaks into the bread and saturates it, but the nutritional value is not compromised.

Avian Organics Bird Bannock with a thin layer of red palm oil on top

I did just that with my Avian Organics Bird Bannock as well as my Good Stuff Bird Bread– the bannock got a healthy layer of RPO on top (although not quite as thick as the photo makes it look), and each mini Good Stuff muffin was topped with a bit of RPO “frosting.”  And in the freezer they went!  I also like to jam pack my breads with as many leafy green vegetables as possible for maximium nuritional value.  Today’s batch contained mustard greens, swiss chard, and broccoli stems and florets.  I am sure the gang will love it!

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§ 2 Responses to Red Palm Oil and Bird Bread

  • Saemma says:

    Do you steal feed your flock food from Good Stuff? I wish I had had the chance to sample their foods.. but the shipping was grossly EXORBITANT.

    • Coco's Flock says:

      Sure do! I bought out a lot of their leftover stock of bird bread and froze it when they went out of business. I do remember when you contacted them about shipping… it was QUITE expensive!!! If you ever want to try their bird bread I can send you some 🙂

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